How to Pick a Portable Speaker

Most of the time, your mobile, tablet or laptop is not able to give you the best volume when streaming music or something similar, which then requires you to pair your device to a portable speaker than can be used on behalf of this. These portable speakers are often connected using Bluetooth or NFC as a commonality between the devices required to be connected to each other. Most of the confusion lies in how the decisions are made regarding these Bluetooth speakers, to which the factors given below clear the air and narrow your options:


Size and Weight

It is absurd to choose a Bluetooth speaker that is hefty and heavy, as it would null the main functionality of being portable. A portable device is required to be smaller in size while weighing less enough to pack along with your luggage without adding too much to the weight. Being handy gives the portable speaker an added advantage of ease in packing it anywhere and everywhere you wish to connect your phone or other devices for some entertainment.


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Battery Life

A portable speaker is not one that is expected to be connected to a charger most of its time. They are required to be able to hold the charge for a fair number of hours until the fun in the jungle has come to end. Usually, the best quality portable speakers are the ones that last for at least eight to ten hours once fully charged, so that it can play music for the whole time afterwards. Imagine your portable speaker dying an hour or so after the party started at your jungle camp, bummer isn’t it?

Good Connectivity

Any portable speaker relies on its connectivity with other devices. The best portable speakers are also equipped with the NFC feature which allows your device to connect to the speaker through a proximity sensor and Bluetooth. If a Bluetooth speaker tends to have bad connectivity with other devices, the quality of music streamed can often drop drastically to a lower level, which might not sound great when played loud. So, choose connectivity as importantly as other features are taken into account.

Controls on the Speaker

Having simple controls on the portable speaker allows the controlling of music or answering calls through the speaker itself instead of having to involve the use of the device it is connected with for less hassle. Normal controls displayed on the speaker fulfil the functions of regulating the volume, switching songs, answering calls and other minor buttons.

All the features explained above are those that are seemingly most appealing to anyone who bears an interest in purchasing a portable speaker. If the device you consider possesses all the above specs, then you just might have found yourself a great option to invest in. Portable speakers are popular amongst anyone due to the fact that it can be connected to a device while also being able to be carried around in a small compact manner that shouts out great quality music at wherever you need it.