How to Pick a Civil Rights Lawyer for Your Police Misconduct Case

From an early age, we were taught to call 911 immediately if we saw anything dangerous or suspicious. Yet as we grew up, unfortunately, we learned that not every person in a police uniform follows the rules or is on their best behavior. If you have come across a law enforcement or police offer who has violated your civil rights, it’s time to speak to a civil rights lawyer to talk about your options.

Before you do just that, here are several factors to take into account when choosing a reputable and reliable lawyer.


Regardless of what legal assistance you require, you need to find an attorney who has experience in that particular field of law. For instance, if you have sustained an injury at work, you would engage with a workplace injury lawyer who has experience representing employees. For those who have a case that involves police misconduct, you need to pick a lawyer who has extensive experience in this field. 

To give you clarification, you can head onto the internet and check out a few lawyers’ websites. They should offer information about their practice areas and their success rates. Romanucci & Blandin have extensive experience in civil rights and police misconduct cases who you can consider hiring. 


You will find that attorneys aren’t able to practice law in every state in the United States. The State Bar can only admit them to practice law in a particular state. Some attorneys may travel around the country to manage cases. However, these lawyers are required by law to team up with other lawyers who are admitted to practice law in that state. Location means everything, so make sure to look into this before picking a lawyer. 


When finding a civil rights lawyer for your police misconduct case, effective communication is a must. From your initial appointment right through to court, you’ll want an attorney by your side who effectively communicates everything that’s going on. Law terminology can be difficult to grasp, so having a lawyer break things down in easy-to-follow terms is essential. 


Whatever has caused you to file a police misconduct case, you’ll want to know you have the backing and understanding of your civil rights lawyer. Whether you’ve sustained injuries or not, knowing you have a team who have empathy, and are passionate about fighting your case and winning it, can make all the difference. 


Whoever you pick to represent you in your police misconduct case, everything should be based on trust and honesty. If you don’t have faith in your lawyer to win your case, it’s time to find one you’re confident with. Make sure to ask questions about the case at your initial appointment. Your civil rights lawyer should respond to your emails and calls quickly and provide updates on your case.

Getting justice for your case can be challenging. You must provide evidence that the police officer has misbehaved in their line of duty, which brought you to the situation you’re in now. When hiring a civic rights lawyer for your police misconduct case, the guide above can help in picking a reputable attorney.