How to Personalize Doormats Correctly?

Entrance doormats are designed to catch dirt, dirt, gravel, and other abrasive materials that easily get dragged inside your home via boots and shoes. Homeowners place a doormat at every main entrance including the front door, side door, and even back door. A simple floor mat design wonderfully protects the wooden floor inside your home as well as creates a good impression on guests as they enter. 

In this digital technology era, you can have a personalized doormat designed for your front door rather than buying the regular ones from local stores. Some good reasons to have a personalized doormat for your doorstep are –

  • Adds style
  • The relevant theme connects it to your home
  • Varieties available in terms of designs and colors
  • Great first impression
  • Reveals your personality and unique taste

You can use a personalized doormat for business marketing. These are generally called custom logo door mats. The product reflects your business logo and helps to create brand awareness. It makes optimistic imprints on people entering the locality. So why wait? Grab this opportunity and order a personalized doormat from Ultimate Mats. Why applaud the front doorstep only, have several personalized for other rooms like bedroom, children’s room, study room, etc. 

How to personalize doorstep mat?

Proper size – The doormat outside the front door needs to have sufficient width and length because guests entering the home can rub their shoes or boots properly. If the mat is small, then the person may fail to connect with it and move directly inside with dusty and dirty shoes. 

Thickness – The main door has to be opened and closed many times. Check the precise amount of space between the main door bottom and entryway floor. If the doormat is too thick then consistent rubbing can reduce its serving life. It is important to leave a sufficient gap between the doormat and the bottom of the door. 

Shape – Consider an ideal shape. You can choose between oval, round, square, rectangle, D-shape, and more. However, the practical shape to choose is a rectangle because it helps to cover the space properly, while other shapes cannot cover the entire space. 

Material – You can choose doormats designed from rubber, jute, cotton, plastic, vinyl, and more. Rubber mats are great for the entranceway because they are non-slippery and help to scrape wet mud easily during the rainy season. 

Colors & designs – Go for dark contrast color of home interiors. Dark color allows covering a lot of dust stains. Light shades will look dirty soon with little mud stains. Therefore, for doormat management choose contrast or dark shades. You can choose bold or simple designs. You can even have a message or peace signs or slogans or doves chosen to have them imprinted. 

Patterned mats – Well-chosen patterns add visual interest as well as hides grime and dirt. However, you need to clean mats now and then. 

Cost – Entryway doormat personalization will be based on the chosen design and material. Ensure to choose a mat that is durable and can be cleaned with ease. For safety, the mat will need a rubber backing besides this resists curling.