How to Pay LESCO Bill Online

Everyone cannot visit the bank every month due to a shortage of time but now Lahore Electric Supply Company introduced the bill pay online method and people can pay the bill online. So the majority of the people are looking at the How to Pay LESCO Online Bill. All the information is going to mention in below. LECSO is a power supply company that distributes the electricity in different cities of Punjab and every month collects the bill from customers but many of the people do jobs and they cannot go into the bank during working hours. Then they find the easy way to pay the bill. Many of the banks giving the offer to the customers’ bill pay online and just follow some steps then your bill will pay.

Everyone cannot know How to Pay LESCO Bill Online. All the information is listed on this page and just carefully some steps who have mentioned below the bullets. While if you read the steps and apply then you will pay the bill online successfully. Moreover, we will discuss all those banks that are taking the LESCO bill online from customers.

Step By Step Guide

  • If you are using the online internet banking of any bank then open the “Mobile App”.
  • Then click on “Payment or Bill Payment Option”.
  • On the top of the screen, the search bar will show and you will search the “LESCO”.
  • LECSO company detail will show and you will enter the reference number.
  • After entering the reference number your bill will appear on the screen.
  • Then just you will click on the option “Pay” the bank will detect the exact amount of the bill from your account and your bill will pay.

All the steps of How to Pay LECSO Bill online are mentioned and just follow all the steps. Moreover in some different mobile banks app, some options different but don’t panic just understand the option. 

Pay LESCO Bill Online by UBL

United Bank Limited is giving the option of LECSO Bill online to the customers. This bank is facilitating on every level to the customers and thousand of the customers are taking different types of services. Moreover, all the customers who are using the UBL Online banking they will follow the all those steps who have mentioned in above.

LESCO Bill Pay Online by ABL

Allied Bank give the option to the customers and they can pay the LESCO Bill online without any tension. Moreover for the guidance of the people follow some steps and pay the LESCO bill online.

  • Open “ABL Bank App”.
  • Click On “Bill Payment”.
  • Find the “LESCO Company”.
  • Give the Reference Number of the bill.
  • Bill Show on your screen.
  • Click on “Pay Option”.
  • Your bill will pay successfully.

Many of the other banks are taking the bill online. But most important if you’re due date bill cross then you will not pay the bill online through online banking. In case of over due date you will pay the bill physically online. Hopefully after read this content Also you will gather the How to Pay PESCO Bill Online.


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