How to Pass USMLE in 2021? Ace the Exam With These 3 Tips and Tricks!

To level up your medical career as a physician in the United States, you need to get a medical license to practice medicine without supervision.

Before seeking admission to any medical school, looking at their united states medical licensing exam (USMLE) step 1 and 2 pass rates is always a wise decision. Knowing the percentage of examinees passing the test each year and the number of graduates securing medical residency in the U.S will help you make the final application decision.

Here a question arises: how to pass USMLE? If you’re in your second year and are planning to take step 1, you might be thinking about what score I need to pass the first exam. Well, you don’t have to worry anymore as we’ve put together our tested and tried tips and tricks that will enable you to obtain medical licensure quickly.

3 Tips and Tricks to Get a Good Usmle Step 1 Score

  • Review the exam curriculum and the content outline

The first step to plan your study schedule is to understand the content guidelines, and for that, you can head over to the USMLE official website. Moreover, you can also find study material on the website that you can download for your reference.

After being familiar with the syllabus, it’s high time you break down each subject with a defined timeline.

Step 1 is of utmost importance in every medical student’s life. It evaluates whether a physician is capable of applying concepts and principles of basic medical sciences to practice or not. So the more you know what needs to be covered and when the better you can perform in the exam.

How to get started?

Make a chart of the topics that need to be covered. At first glance, you might want to start from the topics you’re good at. But as per my experience, it’s always great to target the weak spots first, spend more time to get the critical points on your fingertips.

Most importantly, don’t cram in the haste of covering the topics earlier than expected. Learn the concepts strategically.

  • Take Online Practice Exam

It’s always recommended that you solve practice questions before you appear for the actual exam. Practice sessions can never estimate your natural step 1 score, and they are indeed helpful in setting the foundation for success. You get to have a rough idea of how the real-time questions may look and how you can skim down your answers and pick the best one.

This trick is helpful for those who keep on asking their friends and teachers how to pass USMLE step 1 and get into an outstanding residency program.

It’s simple – weed out the wrong choices and see what seems to be the best fit for the question asked.

  • Make use of appropriate resources.

It’s not uncommon to hear that many of us need online help with preparing for the exam. You may have already come across numerous courses and resources when searching on Google for this very purpose. Don’t be overwhelmed with the extensive list. Pick the one that best suits your needs.

I have just counted videos of Dr Najeeb on USMLE. His videos are gold. Using his online resource and my medical school teaching material, I can proudly say that I aced step 1 with flying colours.