how to pass motorbike MOT?

In case you’re a biker, odds are you’re ready with regards to keeping up your bicycle. In any case, even the quickest among us now and again fear taking our ride to have its Mot Reading.

In 2018/19, around 17% of motorbikes bombed their MOT. Contrasted with the 34% of vehicles that fizzled, you can perceive the amount more consideration is placed into keeping up a motorbike. That being stated, it pays to remain enlightened up on what to pay special mind to.

When does my motorbike need a MOT?

Much the same as with a vehicle, any motorbike more than three years of age needs to have a legitimate MOT authentication. This implies you’ll have to get it tried each year to guarantee that the bicycle is roadworthy and fit to ride.

The bike MOT comprises of 16 checks to guarantee that your bicycle is protected and fit for reason. Each check will search for any harm, exorbitant wear, and that it satisfies government guidelines.

You can see the full rundown of keeps an eye on GOV.UK. Here’s a snappy agenda of probably the most well-known motorbike MOT disappointments and what you can do to get ready.

Headlamps and lights

An analyzer will take a gander at whether they work, their condition, and in the event that they’re fitted with the right shading headlamps – all of which you can check ahead of time.

They’ll likewise check to ensure the point of the headlamps is right.

Directing and suspension

The condition, security, and activity of these parts will be analyzed. An analyzer will give specific consideration to the forks, handlebars, head orientation, swinging arm, and safeguards.

At that point, snatch the forks at the base and endeavor to push and pull on them – any development could propose to play in the head bearing.

Move to the back and skip the bicycle to ensure the suspension is functioning truly to form.

Likewise, get each swinger end and attempt to move it around. In the event that you can, this could be an indication that your swinger direction is in transit out.


The state of the haggles will be taken a gander at. This incorporates whether the correct size/type has been fitted to the bicycle and the track profundity.

For motorbikes over 50cc, you’ll need in any event 1mm of track across ¾ of the width of the track design. There must likewise be the right arrangement between the front and back.

The edge

The bicycle’s edge will likewise go under investigation to guarantee that it’s liberated from breaks, harm, contortion, or erosion.


The brakes themselves must be operational and proceed true to form.

You can test the brakes that ensure the wheels can pivot openly when the brake is delivered. Likewise, watch that the brake cushions aren’t worn.


The motorbike’s fumes framework should be finished, secure, and as tranquil as could reasonably be expected. The fuel framework must not have any holes.