How to overcome depression using NEEO Chat App.

Much of the research focuses on studying the negative effects of social media apps on mental health. There is no denying the fact that many of us online apps are like drugs, and addiction is so strong that we can’t go through all day without using at least one online app. However, depending on the use, this addiction can be a cure for mental illness. Many people in the world suffer from low self-esteem, social anxiety and depression etc. Since online chat applications are so readily available now it is important to identify their benefits so they can help people who are psychologically disturbed.  Anxiety patients, for instance, can channelize their anxiety and calm their nerves using certain apps. The NEEO Messenger, with some of its unique features, can help immensely with anxiety issues.

  1. Sharing important plans:

‘What is your New Year’s resolution? ‘, Your friends or relatives may have asked you this question recently. Some people may find it difficult to answer this question because they have never considered it, while others who have a plan may not feel comfortable sharing it. It takes courage to tell others what you want to achieve because that way you can increase their expectations. But, on the bright side, putting your goals out in the open can significantly add to your level of motivation and reduce the amount of anxiety involved in achieving that goal. When you share your goals on NEEO Social your social media pals will back you up or provide useful advice based on their own experiences. They will encourage you and push you in the right direction to help you achieve your goal.

  • Online consultants:

Although psychological health is just as important as physical health, confiding in a professional for mental illness is a taboo in some societies. You might be going through a temporary phase of disillusionment in your life, but the minute you go to a psychologist, and someone finds out, you’ll be labeled, ‘mentally dysfunctional’. It’s no wonder that people are reluctant to turn to mental health professionals for help, even if they are going through serious anxiety issues. To avoid being judged, you can go for online counseling sessions and avail the benefits of therapy from the comfort of your home. All you need to do is look for a renowned professional online and talk to them using NEEO’s HD Calling app feature so you can communicate your concerns with clarity.

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  • Recovering from Trauma:

Victims of trauma often struggle with mental health problems even after a considerable amount of time has elapsed since the traumatic incident took place. Such patients often experience anxiety, especially when something triggers a pleasant memory related to the trauma. Post an update on social media regarding the challenges you are facing on your way to recovery. You will be surprised to know that you are not fighting your battles alone and that others are going through similar experiences. You can connect with others who are in the same boat as you by chatting with them using NEEO IM (Instant Messaging). You can text them individually or, better yet, create a group using the online chat application where like-minded people can connect. By discussing your experiences with each other, you will gain more strength and will recover faster.

  • Live in your true identity:

Some people are born in places where they feel like complete misfits. When people can’t be their true selves around their closest relations, they might start feeling anxious and frustrated. In such circumstances, they will look for an outlet where they can openly express their opinions without fear of judgment. Sadly, many lose their way while trying to look for an escape and indulge in activities that give them temporary satisfaction but are harmful to them in the longer run. Social media apps are a haven for you if you seek refuge from stressful situations. You can join NEEO Social and create a profile that represents the real you. There are so many ways that you can express yourself using your social media account, such as through words, images, GIFs, videos and emojis, etc. You can look for friends in the neighborhood who you can relate to using the NEEO Nearby feature. With the Chat translation feature, you can even become friends with people who speak a different language. With so many great options you’ll never feel isolated when by yourself or among a room full of people who don’t understand you.

NEEO will be your best friend when you are dealing with anxiety problems and it seems you can’t find peace anywhere else. Human beings have some limitations so you cannot always rely on another person for peace of mind and emotion. When you approach a mental health professional for help, there is usually a charge for their services but this is not the case with NEEO’s HD Calling app. The app is free and after downloading it you will become your advisor!