How To Optimize CityLocal Pro’s Business Profiles To Rank Higher

CityLocal Pro can contribute a lot in helping your business get wider exposure, better reachability, a good reputation, and consequently, a skyrocketed boost in leads.

However, there are some protocols that you need to follow in order to optimize your business profile in a way that you do not miss out on anything & get the best out of CityLocal Pro.

First of all, let’s have a quick introduction to the essence of business profiles (business listings) created on CityLocal Pro.

What Does Your Business Profile On CityLocal Pro Contain?

Your business profile on CityLocal Pro is the direct representative of all of your business information along with customers’ reviews.

The information about your business will be fragmented in the profile through these sections:

Cover Photo

A relevant cover photo of your business will be on top of the biz page. It helps customers have an overview of your business’s niche before even reading the text on the page.


Your logo will be present on the cover photo. It promotes your business individual identity through branding.

Business Name

The name of your business with its correct spellings, capitalization, and other specifications will be written on the cover photo.

Contact Information

The biz page will contain your business’s accurate contact information. Your phone number, email address, and website, etc., will be stated on the top of the page.

Business Description

Your business profile on CityLocal Pro will also state your business description in which you can briefly give the introduction about your business, i.e. experience, certifications, or other distinctive perks.

Business Hours

Your availability will be mentioned on your biz page in a very vivid manner, i.e. how many hours a day and how many days in a week you are available.


Your biz page on CityLocal Pro will be open for customers’ reviews. The customers who have hired your services can write their experience on your biz page.


The on-map location of your business will be available on your business profile.

Option To Add Reviews/ Send Messages/ Share Profile

Moreover, options for customers to add reviews, send messages, and share your profile will be available on your business profile.

So, now if you are ready to make CityLocal Pro your aide in getting the highest possible level of leads through the business listing, let’s go ahead!

First of all, check if you are already listed on CityLocal Pro. Our team added some of the major businesses in your area on their own. So, check if you are also one of them.

If yes, claim your business.

If no, proceed to add business.

How to Optimize CityLocal Pro’s Business Profiles

If you have decided to list your business on CityLocal Pro to take advantage of the golden opportunities a well-reputed business listing directory can offer, you need to consider these protocols in order to optimize your business profile. If you pay heed to these below-mentioned factors, nothing can stop you from getting your share of leads right away through the platform of CityLocal Pro!

Use Relevant Information

When your potential customer comes to your page, they are looking for a product or service; and that’s what they are most interested in to know about. No need to accumulate irrelevant information which has nothing substantial to add to your product or service’s description. Stay to the point so that the customer does not feel pained to read what he/she is not interested in.

Add Keywords In Your Description 

Do a little research and make an effort to write a description that has keywords embedded in it. It will help you in becoming a search engine’s apple of the eye. Customers are more likely to reach and contact you if you are on top of the search result page. Studies show that the top 3 Google search results get 75.1% of all the clicks. So, make sure that your business description is search engine optimized by adding keywords.

Relevant And On Point Business Description

The importance of the relevancy and on-pointedness of your business description cannot be stressed enough. This is where you are going to give a brief detail of your business while making an impression simultaneously. Stay product/service focused while listing all your exceptional characteristics in a relevant way. Make sure that you sound interesting, informative, and relevant.

Choose Proper Categories

Do a fair amount of research in order to find out the exact niche under which your product or service falls. Make sure that you list your business under that category if you want any customer to view your business profile.

Add Images / Website

Be generous in using all the resources you have got on the biz page of CityLocal Pro to make your business profile attractive to potential customers. Add relevant & informative images to affect the ambiance of your biz page in a positive way. Also, add your website so that an interested customer can direct towards it if he/she wants to learn more.

Correct Business Address 

Double-check your business address. Studies show that 70-80% of customers research the company’s information before visiting them. So, make sure that you are not providing your potential customer the wrong address. You would not only lose a customer but you will also lose your credibility online.

Next Level Citylocal Pro SEO Tips 

Once your business profile is created on CityLocal Pro, these are some of the steps you can further take to make your profile stand out and seem trustworthy. Follow these steps and witness an exceptional boost in your business leads!

  • Ask your customers to leave you feedback on your business profile created on CityLocal Pro.
  • Promote your business profile on different social media platforms.
  • Add CityLocal Pro badge of your business profile on your website.
  • Do Local citations of your business profile.