How to Open Your Own Vending Service

Where are the best areas to put ice candy machines? Areas with the best progression of street and people walking through, that make ice accessible to those that utilization ice on a day to day bases like development laborers, scene laborers, mentors and soccer mothers… Are generally the best areas. Objective areas or where your machine just fills the need of one kind of customer are by and large unfortunate decisions.

For instance, assuming that you intend to introduce a machine at an area close to a waterway, for example, lake or a pool where a larger part of your business will be occurring throughout the end of the week by just those on location. Except if the amount of ice sold over the course of the end of the week during the warm months is perfect to such an extent that it will permit you to not need deals during the week and all through the cool months, this would be an unfortunate choice. Remembering this a slight modification, for example, putting the ice candy machine while heading to the lake off a primary street, or close to a marina entry would commonly be a better area and will make yourself accessible to additional purchasers Vending Your House and not simply during the hottest months.

The amount Ice or Water will I sell with an Ice Vending Machine? Each area is unique and produces an alternate interestingly of deals, yet on normal few areas sell more than 40-60 sacks of ice and 20-30 gallons of water each day overall, except if there is an extraordinary event, for example, July fourth. There are obviously machines situated in places that sell pretty much ice and water consistently, however they are the exemption not the standard.

Ice and water distributing field-tested strategies for the most part expresses two schools of viewpoint:

Option 1 – Place a large, high-capacity power plant capable of selling large amounts of ice from one location.

Option 2 is to install smaller vending machines with lower capacity, which can be expanded as needed. The much smaller size allows for many different seat types, and affordability allows for multiple seating.

Option 1.Large and junior ice houses


Production – Ability to produce about 8,000 pounds of ice and sell 800 bags or more per day, of which 650 10-pound bags of ice can be sold in a row if there is a case where 650 customers are waiting in line and replenishing ice. at a rate of 545 pounds per hour.


Cost – approximately from 125,000 to 160,000 dollars.

Size – 10ft x 18ft – 9 x 15in

Return on investment. As mentioned above, the location of each vending machine is different and results in different and quirky sales. We’ve heard amazing stories of machines running at full capacity in great places; however, most of them are similar to the owner of 8 large vending machines in the US South, whose average gross sales per machine is $35 per year per machine, or sells approximately 64 bags per day, not 800, corresponding to a very slow payback. Your investment. (Request retail forecast workbook)

Location: Whether you are buying a full-sized mall or a junior-sized mall, the space available for placement is limited due to the size of the ice house. If you choose the wrong location, or if other road structures divert or block traffic to the ice house, or if something goes wrong with the owner, moving your ice house will cost you tens of thousands of dollars. The rent will depend on the size of the property required.

Miscellaneous – Utilities, 3-phase power

Options 2. Compact vending machines with ice


Cost – approximately from 34,000 to 66,000 US dollars.

Size – 52″ x 35″ – 52″ x 78″ Different sizes and production capacities allow different solutions. Occupy only space, spend only money, and build only the ice required for that space.

ROI: (Request Retail Forecast Book)

Places – “use your imagination” Car washes, RV parks, car parks, walkways in stores… just about anywhere a soda machine can fit.

The rent will depend on the size of the property required.


Production: Smaller ice vending machines won’t produce massive amounts of ice at one time like the larger ice houses, and there are very few instances known where this would be reasonable. Our smallest ice vending machines can produce 1,900 pounds of ice and sell 190 bags or more per day, of which 40 10-pound bags of ice can be sold in a row if there is a case where 40 customers are waiting in line to refill ice. at a rate of 75 pounds per hour. Also Visit Our Blog Topnewsnet

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