How to Move Your Homeware Store Online

Online shopping has become widespread in the recent years, and now that the half of the world is on a major lockdown, it’s become more essential than ever to have an online store that delivers whatever you need to your home. A professional online selling platform will bring you more money and also offer your customers a more convenient way of shopping. If you’re thinking about sending your homeware store to the world of the Internet, you’ll need a few pointers that will lead you in the right direction.


Look for an e-commerce website builder


The first important step in your online homeware store building is to look for the right e-commerce website builder i.e. an online platform which helps you set up an online store, but it doesn’t require you to have any designer skills. Don’t worry about paying a fortune to a developer, because you’ll be able to build a trustworthy site on your own with a variety of e-commerce builders. Picking the right one will be challenging, but some of the criteria you should base your decision on should include how much money you’re willing to spend, if the platform is easy to use, whether it has a flexible design,  and if the builder offers all the features you need. Free trials are also desirable because they’ll allow you to try before you buy.


Pick a catchy domain


After you’ve chosen an e-commerce builder, it’s time to start creating your homeware online shop by deciding on the domain name. This is your websites address and it is the most important part of your brand’s identity. Therefore, you must think of a name that will be easy to remember and not too long to read or type. When people want to shop for homewares online they don’t want to spend precious minutes typing in a puzzling name into their browser, but something that’ll take them a few seconds alone. A name that’s short, catchy, easy to spell, but still relevant for your store is the best domain you can have. Try not to use hyphens and numbers, but stick only to letters.


Choose an attractive template


The visual appearance of your online store is paramount because buyers need to feel inspired and motivated to shop at your store. The best way to motivate them is to offer them visually pleasing content that will make them spend hours browsing and adding items into their basket. The way to do so is to buy a template that will say more than words. Browse through categories and go for the one that fits your brand’s image the most, but will also lure the shoppers to it. Another important aspect of your template should be mobile-friendly. The majority of people are using their smartphones to do everything from staying connected to their loved ones to shopping, so having a mobile responsive online shop is paramount for your business to bloom.


Add your homeware


Once you’ve decided which template you like, it’s time to add your homeware and create a true online shop. You’ll need to inform your shoppers about your products with a quality product description. The most important quality that your online store should have is to be informative. Put all the necessary information out there. Starting from the weight, colours, material options, and everything that you may think is relevant for the product. Buying furniture doesn’t come cheap and it’s supposed to be an investment that will last for years, so you’ll want to offer your customers as much info as possible and convince them to buy your products. Make sure you upload high-quality photos where the products are shown clearly and from different angles.


Keep the site updated and neat


Now that you’ve added all the homeware you have, you should try to make the online shop look as presentable as possible. Create categories and group the homeware accordingly. Add several pages, menus, headings and buttons to make your shop highly functional. Create categories in a clear, logical and consistent way so that people can have the most enjoyable shopping experience. Keep your payment methods always updated and choose the payment options that your customers would appreciate the most. Always keep in mind the shipping costs and methods, and be sure to keep up with it and update if any of the methods, hours or costs increase/lower.  The last thing you want is negative reviews that can ruin your business before it ever had the chance to become great.


Final thoughts


Having an online shop is one of the best ways to increase your revenue and make the brand known worldwide. Therefore, if you’ve been thinking about launching an online homeware shop, there’s no time like the present. Just be sure you follow the guidelines we’ve offered and your business will skyrocket before you know it.


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