How to modernize your announcement sharing means with QR codes?

Effective communication is our key to success.  We are continually enhancing our means as we want to improve our communications. Having the ability to obtain information quickly and easily leads to more positive outcomes. 

One mode of communication is an announcement. We commonly see announcements posted on bulletin boards, posters, or even on billboards. Sometimes, these announcements are shared digitally through messaging apps and social media platforms. 

To be an effective mode of communication, an announcement must be detailed, visually appealing, and raise the interest of the target audience to read what it is all about. 

We now have this QR Technology with so much potentials. QR codes are an efficient way for us to share data with our target audiences. Learn how to modernize your announcement sharing means with QR codes.

QR code: A cutting-edge method of disseminating announcements

Created with the use of a QR code generator with logo online, a QR code is an innovative tool in modernizing our means of sharing necessary announcements. The use of QR codes facilitates high-speed sharing and convenient access to digital information. This QR Code technology is simple, flexible, and accessible on a variety of smartphone platforms.

Below are the lists of creative ideas on the application of QR codes in announcement materials:

Embed announcement material into QR code

This is the most simple utilization of QR codes by simply embedding the material into QR codes. QR code can hold data in any format such as PDF, Word, image, and URL.  Instead of posting a printed detailed announcement on bulletin boards, printing a QR code, or simply share the QR code online to attract people to scan the QR code.

Add QR code as an RSVP

Adding an RSVP is ideal for an announcement calling out a meeting to anticipate the number of participants who will attend the meeting. By adding a QR code to the announcement material, people can respond to the RSVP when they scan the QR code. 

 Password-protected QR code for a confidential announcement

Generating a password-protected QR code is perfect for confidential announcements.  Examples of this are exclusive meetings of the management, and internal announcements so outsiders wouldn’t know if they enter the office or facility. 

QR code that redirects to registration forms

Integrating a QR code redirecting to registration forms in the event announcements like concerts is an excellent move for convenient registration. People will no longer go to ticketing booths to register in advance. 

Dynamic QR code is better than Static QR code! 

Embedding an announcement into QR codes can be done either in static or dynamic QR codes. However, the use of a dynamic QR code is better than a static QR code. 

Here are some reasons why the use of dynamic QR codes is recommendable:

Editable Content. Even after being saved, you can change the information embedded in a dynamic QR code.  As an announcement changes from time to time, using a dynamic QR code allows you to update the data embedded on the QR code anytime. 

Trackable Data. An analysis of data is obtainable from a dynamic QR code. You can track the number of scans, the time of scans,  the locations of the scanners, and the type of device used to scan the QR code. In addition,  the information collected from dynamic QR codes identifies unique scans or the number of times a device scanned your QR code.  

 Can hold more data. A dynamic QR code contains more data than a static QR code. Aside from that, a dynamic QR code accepts different file formats. 

Password-protected. A password-protected QR code is a new feature added on dynamic QR codes depending on the subscription availed. You may use this feature if you want to share an announcement that is exclusive only to selected audiences. 

Developers are continually adding more features to improve users’ experience on dynamic QR codes. Sooner, we’ll see more advanced features. 


Applying QR codes in announcements gives people a modern experience of this mode of communication. The use of  QR codes with effective “call-to-action” messages, will help you earn people’s attention to read the announcements and scan the QR codes. 

Start generating QR codes for any announcement now through an efficient online QR code generator and make it fun and interactive for people who are reading them.


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