How to mix and match chairs at the Dining table

Different chairs around the table. Unusual? To many, this option will seem unexpected. This article will show you how to assemble chairs that are unlike each other around the table and not go beyond the bounds of good taste.

Classic combination: chairs with and without armrests

Many Italian furniture manufacturers offer collections of different types of replica tolix chairs made in the same style. As a rule, the series includes a traditional dining chair and a chair with armrests (half-chair); sometimes, it also consists of a stool and a bar stool.

Soft chairs in different upholstery

The identical chairs in different upholstery gathered around the table will look exciting and unusual. It is best if the textile finishes are made from companion fabrics: with different patterns but in the same color scheme. As a rule, in the assortment of most factories, the choice of textiles allows you to choose several matching colors.

Variegated variety

If you like daring experiments, you can collect chairs of the same shape around the table, with a frame of different colors. It is easy to choose them from the assortment of modern replica tolix chairs made of metal and plastic from ALF, Calligaris, Bonaldo, Connubia factories. You can also pick up contrasting chairs made of dark and light wood plus the same ones in opaque colored lacquer finishing.

The material is the same; the shape is different.

The original solution would be a composition of chairs made of the same material but different shapes. For example, you can pick up versatile chairs in white or black plastic or find matching models from the same wood type.

Different, but still together

Aerobatics – putting together a set of entirely different but matching dining chairs. So that the group does not look like a cluster of “motley” furniture, all models should be united by some detail.

For example, you can build at home a collection of legendary mid-20th century designer chairs that share similar silhouette lines.

Same style but different design

Quite a complex selection, but if you define the style correctly, then different chairs in the interior will give an interesting result. If you are using this combination for the kitchen, dining room, or living room, then we advise you to turn to professionals in order to avoid mistakes. It is easy to confuse one with the other due to the variety of styles and shapes, but in most cases, different designs will be your highlight.

Different heights

To avoid visual clutter due to different heights, stick to the recommendation to maintain the same style or material of work. If the size of the kitchen does not allow for a wide arrangement of the dining area, then replace several chairs with a kitchen sofa. Different dining chairs will suit the taste of the whole family because everyone will find a place for themselves according to their size.

Transparent plastic chair

A clear plastic chair is ideal if the kitchen is full of decorative elements and vibrant colors. These chairs are flawlessly combined with any interiors and you can decorate them yourself, for example, with pillows or a cape.