How to Mine Crypto Coins through Antminer

Mining crypto coin is one of the popular trends in recent times. Several types of equipment and devices are available in the market for mining. Antminer helps people a lot to increase their income through mining cryptocurrencies. Let’s know it from the beginning. 

What is Antminer?

Antminer is the mining hardware or device. It is the product of Bitmain launched in 2013 for mining cryptocurrencies. Bitmain is a Chinese company that was founded by Micree Zhan and Jihan Wu in 2013.

Antminer can mine many cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, ZEC, and Etherium. The interesting fact is that this mining hardware does not charge a fee for mining Bitcoin for Pay Per Last N Shares (PPLNS). But it holds each transaction fee on the block. 

Several versions and series of Antminer are available in the market, such as Antminer S9, Antminer E3, Antminer Z9, Antminer L3++, and Dashcoin D3.

Which Antminers are available in the market to buy?

Antminer series are available everywhere. Let’s see the Antminer series with prices and the place where you can buy these devices. 

Antminer S9

It’s the latest Antminer mining device that uses around 1,375W. Unfortunately, Antminers are extremely power-consuming devices, and this device charges 15 and 30 cents per hour. (This charge can vary based on your location).

To operate this Antminer, you need not have a separate host computer. However, it needs a good power supply mainly, the APW5/APW3, which is sold separately.

S9 can take the hash rate of 098 J/GH±7%, 1323W±7%, and 13.5TH/s±7%, respectively. At the same time, it can gain an output of 14TH/s, standing as the most powerful Bitcoin mining device on the planet.

The users claim that S9 can mine up to 0.03600399 Bitcoin each month. So if you plan to use this Antminer, you can expect a profit of 0.02138775 Bitcoin each month. 

If you think to mine Bitcoin, S9 is the best option. You can buy Antminer S9 on eBay at $647.99.  

Antminer E3

It is the first ASIC miner manufactured by Bitmain, and it can mine Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. This Antminer has the Ethash/Dagger-Hashimoto algorithm to mine the crypto. So this hardware is perfect for mining Ethereum. 

E3 gives a hash rate of 180 MH/s at 800W while mining and has an overclocked NVIDIA GeForce GT 1080 Ti. And 1080 Ti can receive 35MH/s while mining Ethereum. So, you need five overclocked 1080s to match E3 to operate.

This way, E3 is like a regular GPU mining rig considering power usage and hash rate. But E3 is more impactful. 

You can buy Antminer E3 on Amazon at $239.99.

Antminer Z9 Mini

If you’re wandering for mining hardware for mining ZCash, Antminer Z9 Mini is one of the available devices in the market. It includes 300W power and has a hash rate of 10.0 KH/s.

Besides Zcash, Z9 also can mine BitcoinGold, Komodo, and other currencies. 

You can buy Antminer Z9 Mini on eBay for $400. 

Antminer L3++

Antminer L3++ is the successor of Antminer L3, and it is used to mine Litecoin. With a 580MH/s hash rate and an 876W±10% power consumption, this Antminer is the powerful Litecoin miner. 

To operate the hash rate dashboard of L3++, you need ATX PSU with at least nine six-pin PCI-E connectors. Its power efficiency is equivalent of is 1.6 J/MH. Also, the hardware is as loud as a vacuum, so it is not ideal for desktop use. You can buy Antminer L3++ on Amazon.