How to meet the Saskatchewan Point Score on Calculator?

Saskatchewan is slowly and steady becoming the choice of stay among applicants. It is gaining prominence as a province that is highly equipped in terms of infrastructure and also provide a lot of job opportunities coupled with an efficient education system. 

To live in Saskatchewan, the applicant can apply through the Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program(SINP).  For this, the applicant needs to register under the Expression of Interest (EOI) system and gain 60 points out of Saskatchewan’s 100-point grid to secure the nomination. The point calculation is based on age, language, and work experience abilities, among other things.  Apart from this, the candidate should also intend to stay in Saskatchewan for at least two years.

The Saskatchewan point calculator 2021 is as follows–


Maximum Points



Labor market Connection




Work experience


Language Ability


Total points  are marked out of


Passing Marks


  • Age – Maximum points for 22 to 34 years
  • Education – Maximum points for Master’s degree or doctorate
  • Work Experience – Maximum points for the experience of five years or more
  • Language Ability – Maximum points for CLB 8 or IELTS with eight bands or more

What are the streams of Saskatchewan immigration?

Saskatchewan province offers different programs and streams through which the candidate can immigrate to the region.  The selection criteria for every stream is different.

The categories of immigration are provided below-

  • International Skilled Workers Category
  • Saskatchewan Experience Category 
  • Entrepreneur and Farm Category 
  • International Skilled Workers Category – It is for skilled workers who have a decent education and work experience on their side. Some of the eligibility criteria include 4.5 bands in IELTS, Minimum One-year experience, Score of 60 points of 100 on the point grid, and Occupation should be under National Occupational Classification (NOC) Skill Type O, A or B.
  • Saskatchewan Experience Category –Foreign nationals who are already living in Saskatchewan. The eligibility requirements will mean having a permanent job offer for six months, at least from the employer you are currently working with. Also, the candidate should have a valid SINP job approval letter as well. 
  • Entrepreneur and Farm Category – This category selects the people who own a business or can undertake farming operations within Saskatchewan’s boundary. For the eligibility criteria in this category, one should have a  Minimum worth of CAD 5,00,000, work experience of three years in the same field, and ready to invest at least 2,00,000 $ CAD is Saskatchewan communities and own at least on third equity business in Saskatchewan.

For Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program (SINP), the applicant can either get selected from the profile in Express Entry System or can apply directly to the Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program (SINP) by getting registered in the Expression of Interest (EOI). By applying thorough any of the two categories, the candidate can meet the selection for the province.


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