How to Measure Your SEO Performance like a Pro

SEO, like many things in life, is only good when it keeps improving. And, there is no point in improvement if it cannot be properly measured. Even the best SEO company in Pakistan won’t be able to show any ROI if they can’t measure success and failure.

You might be tempted to see that you rank on the first page of Google, but let us tell you that’s just not enough to say that your SEO is successful. Specifically for people that start new with SEO, the domain can feel very uncertain.

 As soon as you see the keyword rankings improve, you might think that everything is going great and you’re on track. But, be wary of taking this as a success metric. There are other tangible ways in which you can measure the success of your SEO efforts and we will use this article to dive into them:

  1. Organic Traffic

If you’re doing SEO, you are probably going after increasing organic traffic to your website. If there is a steady increase in this metric, it’s a testament to the fact that your SEO efforts are doing good. There is a very simple way to track your organic traffic, Google Analytics.

Google Analytics will show you an upward trend in your organic traffic. You simply have to follow this trend and ensure that it stays upward through your SEO efforts. You can use good quality content and backlinks to make sure you get enough attention from your target audience.

  1. Keyword Rankings

Let’s welcome the easiest to measure and everyone’s favorite metric – Keywords! It feels good to be #1 in whatever you do and keyword rankings surely do give you that feeling.

There are two things you need to consider in this regard:

  • Your keyword targeting strategy’s success
  • The growth of the website itself

You need to focus on less competitive keywords to ensure early rankings and also see if the website has started ranking for more and more keywords over time. These metrics will let you know if your website is attracting loyal visitors or a change in strategy is to be sought.

  1. Backlinks

Another term that’s picked up quite popularity in recent years in the SEO and digital world is backlinking. If you pay serious attention to your backlinks, Google will pay you back in form of good traffic and site health. If you keep an eye on your backlinks, you can get insight into the following things:

  • Potential link building sources for the future
  • The cost-effectiveness of your strategy
  • The effectiveness of your link building strategy

You need to be careful in understanding the quality of the website you are linking to, you need to understand the following metrics:

  1. Citation flow – a high citation flow means that the website has a lot of good quality links and will make a good backlinking source for you
  2. Trust Flow – You need this to be a high trust flow because that means Google trusts this website and it is good for backlinking
  3. Domain Authority – This again, needs to be high
  4. Bounce Rate:

High bounce rate? Yeah, that’s no good. This simply means that people are coming to your website and immediately hitting the back button or closing the window because they never found the content relevant to them.

Google has one goal; making their users happy and a website with a high bounce rate goes against that goal. Going through this on a page by page basis will make sure you can reduce it and you are retaining your users. This is a very important metric and you should keep a close eye on it.

  1. Mobile Traffic:

The best SEO companies in Pakistan use this metric and rightly so. Mobile is the future of the internet. Already we have most of our online traffic coming in from mobile devices on websites. An increase in this number is validation that things are going well from the perspective of Google. This will also help you rank for mobile-specific keywords and also voice search keywords as well.

SEO is a very technical domain in digital marketing. You can use all these metrics and many more to give you the best SEO services out there. Even if you are doing your website SEO on your own, you need to remember to stay on trend and always keep learning as this is a field that has innovations daily and needs constant updates in the strategy.

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