How to Maximize the Impact of Monument Signs on Your Branding?

Outdoor monument signs are long-term visual marketing investments that are directly installed to the ground for maximum support and durability. Many established businesses, such as hospitals and universities, use them because of their impressive longevity and permanent branding. However, these signs can also be used by other establishments that aim to stay in business for many years or those that want to create a more reputable image.

If you are considering having them installed, our top-rated monument sign company “near me” can be your dependable partner when it comes to this. To give you a better idea of our expertise, we’ve listed some of our top tips to help you make the most of these signs to support your branding strategy.

Brand-Consistent Signage Details

Consumers are bombarded with a multitude of marketing mediums each day, such as paid social media posts, flyers, and television ads. Because of this, you have to carefully strategize every detail of the signage that you want to put up to ensure that it generates quantifiable results for your business.

If your primary goal is introducing and reinforcing your brand, your monument sign design should reflect that as well. They must showcase all your signature elements so that consumers can easily spot you even when there’s heavy traffic or even recognize you apart from similar competitors.

The right monument signs “near me” should put your brand’s best foot forward to encourage lead conversion and increase in-store foot traffic. We recommend incorporating your official trademark, company name, and tagline. Don’t forget to include your signature colors, font styles, graphics, and even materials that match your building’s structural design.

The seamless and consistent details of your monument signs for business will give off a more professional and well-managed brand persona, which is a plus if you really want to set the brand above others.

Modern LED Illumination

Most signs back in the day were illuminated with incandescent, neon, and other light sources that were potentially dangerous because they often caught on fire or even exploded when used too frequently. Not to mention that they consume a lot of electricity and require constant maintenance or replacement.

Thanks to technological advancements, a lot of business owners now utilize LEDs, which are known to shine brighter, last longer, and even consume less energy compared to their counterparts. They are also more eco-friendly and more cost-effective overall. This is why we only recommend using LED illumination on all our custom monument signs because they are safer, easier on your wallet, more eye-catching, and more impactful.

With our LED monument sign design solutions, you can successfully highlight your official branding details and give your business the attention it deserves. Because of their vibrancy, they can effectively grab the attention of passersby from morning until night. With the right positioning, they can even be seen from a distance, giving you another advantage against competitors. Thanks to illuminated monument signs “near me”, you can effortlessly introduce your brand to more potential customers and remind existing patrons of your existence.

Timeless Design and Hard-Wearing Materials

Another way to maximize the impact of your branding is to ensure that your monument signs for business will not easily look outdated. Let’s be real, consumers are always on the lookout for newer establishments in their area. This is why a lot of brands spend a lot of time and money in rebranding their image to create a fresher and more modern look.

But that is not always the most cost-effective method, especially if you plan to invest in long-term signage solutions. This is why we make sure that all our custom monument signs are not only fabricated from the highest-grade materials that can withstand inclement weather and pollution for several years, but we also craft the best designs that can stand the test of time. By sticking to timeless and non-trendy details, your brand will appear to be more professional and not easily look passe.

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