How To Master The Art Of Vaping: Top Tips & Tricks For Beginners

Whether you start vaping out of curiosity or switch from cigarettes, you are jumping in on the trend both ways. Vaping has become an increasingly popular activity over the past few years, and you can see people hanging vapes down their necks everywhere. Not that it is a healthy activity, but it is certainly a better alternative to smoking. 

The fascinating flavors and mesmerizing sweet scent of smoke provide a fun and creative escape from the usual grind. Now, people have devised new tricks to enjoy their pastimes and also to impress the spectators. 

No matter if you are new to vaping or a regular user, there are countless tricks for you to learn and master. We have enlisted a comprehensive guide on vaping and its tricks to attract everyone’s attention.

Understanding Vaping Equipment

Before we jump into the tricks of vape, you first need to understand the equipment of vape and how it works. A standard vape consists of a battery, an e-liquid reservoir, a coil to heat the liquid and a mouthpiece for inhaling the vapors.

Several vaping devices are available in the wholesale markets where you can buy bulk vape kits for pens, mods, Pod Mods, Cig-A-Likes and so on. While vape pens are the best choice for beginners, mods offer better customization and the power to do the tricks flawlessly.

Mastering Vape Exhales and Inhales

  • The best way to master vapes is through practice. First of all, choose the right equipment that you feel at ease with since it also plays a vital role in producing the type of vapors you want. Choose a device that produces thick and dense vapors.
  • The main key to shaping the smoke and vapors is to master breathing techniques. Practice by inhaling deeply and exhaling slowly to produce the right amount of vapors each time you do the trick. Remember to inhale deeply since it stimulates the production of dense vapors.
  • Master a simple trick and then work your way up to act like a pro. Everything starts with basics, and you shouldn’t skip the small steps to take a huge leap forward since it might hurt your instead.
  • Vape tricks are more visible and fascinating when done in a low-light ambiance. So ensure to turn down the light to make your tricks more beautiful.
  • Last but not least, stay patient and persistent. Whether you are learning a new skill or practicing smoking, everything requires time and persistence. You will get there once you are ready. 

Here are some of the most popular vape tricks that have hooked a large number of teens to start vaping out of curiosity.

Vape Rings

In the world of vaping, the most exciting trick is none other than the vape rings. The art of blowing rings or smoke is captivating and requires a load of practice. 

To make a ring yourself, start by taking a deep inhale and holding the vapors in your mouth to densify the smoke. Now form your mouth and tongue into an ‘O’ shape and puff out a small amount of vapor from your through in a rapid cough-like motion. Achieving a controlled burst of vapor will allow the smoke to stand for a longer time.

Ghost Hits

Dhost hits are the classic vape tricks that are just the right ones for beginners. This trick involves dragging a puff of vapors into the mouth and holding it for a few seconds. After that, push the vapors out of your mouth in a rapid burst to inhale it back in. 

French Inhale

Another popular and slightly easier trick as compared to the dragon is French Inhale. It involves taking a deep drag of vapors and let sit in the mouth for a few seconds before opening the mouth slightly to let the vapors exhale. While exhaling, inhale through your nose to produce the stunning effect of smoke that will certainly impress your friends. 

The Dragon

If you want to challenge yourself with tricks on another level, The Dragon is the perfect choice. It is an advanced vape trick that requires a lot of practice and command of breathing and vapors. 

To perform this trick, first inhale a large amount of vapors and hold it in your mouth, just like every other trick. Now exhale the vapors forcefully while simultaneously exhaling the vapors through your nose and the corners of your lips; this release of smoke from various places simultaneously produces a dragon-like figure of smoke that will certainly entertain every spectator. 


Vaping is certainly a rising trend now, especially among teens. However, it is by no means a healthy activity. Some perceive it to be a better alternative to smoking, and it is true to a certain extent, but that is no reason to start vaping since better alternatives like nicotine gums are also available. Yes, the tricks seem cool, but you shouldn’t make a habit out of it. 

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