How to map multiple locations using showmymap?

Many people make use of interactive maps in their presentations to enhance their website engagement as well as make presentation information. But most of us cannot do it without a good mapping tool. If you also so looking for a program that lets you map multiple locations then read this post further.


Showmymap is an interactive mapping tool that is preferred by many people. Using this software is very easy is all you need to do is put the details about the location in a spreadsheet. And mapping tool will smartly transform addresses into a map. the biggest benefit of having a customized map is that it allows you to have better engagement with your audience. Also, it lets you have an insight into a particular topic, and meet the logistic need of the website visitors!

Customization feature-

Showmymap pursues the customize feature that Customizes a map according to your requirement and preference. Map multiple locations and share it with the selected individual or with anyone over the internet.

The map which you make using these tools has an HTML link ok that offers you the option to embed your map on your website. It is very easy to embed your map within the website, as all you need to do is copy the link and paste it.

Interactive maps-

Mapping with great analytic features leaves a long-lasting impression on the audience on your presentation day. You can follow the steps below to customize a map-

  • Enter the location data or addresses on a spreadsheet
  • Copy and paste the location on a data box on the showmymap homepage.
  • Use the option “set and validate to make sure everything is arranged properly
  • Tap on the “create map” option
  • Give a title as well as a description of a map
  • Write an email address and you will get a link to your map.
  • Save your map and use it in your presentation.

What you can do with these maps?

Map multiple locations using show my map and you can:-

Man who played your mouth to zoom in, zoom out, drag it, reveal details with him the market, and much more.

The filter then sorts the map data by using clustering, grouping, and filtering tool to specify the data which you want to see and want it to be displayed. Use the mapping analytics as well as reveal unique insight.

Multiple map location locates various stores, addresses, and areas of interest. Also, it optimizes routes. 

Reasons to use maps in business –

1. Helps audience to locate your business-

Maps are one of the biggest assets that allow the audience to find your business. Also since the showmymap using Google map technology, hence the user will be able to search the location, pin it on the map, and able to find your business.

Also, the users will be able to decide whether they want to visit for the contact you. Since the use of smartphones has increased, people look at these maps to find the services they want. Thus, creating maps to attract an audience is a great idea.

2. Contact the business-

When people find your website or find the map they open it up and get access to your company’s information such as phone number, or email address. When you provide these details along with the map the user is able to call you with a single tap on the screen. In this way, if you have a store the people can not only find your store on the map but get in touch with you to place the orders.

3. Drive traffic to your website-

If you include a map in your presentation it will have the benefit that when someone shares your map or view it, they explore your website. With this map, you can attract so many people to your site and thus, become highly ranked on search engines.

Make sure you equip your website link along with the map and so the viewers can click and access your website and search for the services they want.

4. Display images-

Maps are also helpful in displaying the images of your business. Nowadays visual representations of businesses are more appealing to the audience. Maps are the best way to give a sneak peek of your product and services. You can include images along with the map and so the people can trust your business and rely on your services.

5. Customer credibility-

The best way to build trust among the audience is to give them reviews. You can display reviews along with the map on your website to make your customers trust you! Also, in this way, other user who visits your place and uses your services can write their reviews. Thus, your business will gain trust and drive more customers to your site.

Now that you are aware of the benefits of map multiple locations you can also create or Customize your maps using the showmymap tool.

You can use the free mapping option of showmymap or go pro with paying an affordable amount you get extra features. Also, you get a money-back guarantee if don’t like the services.

Or if you want you can subscribe to the pro+ feature and get advanced features such create unlimited maps,35000 pins per map, genocide rate 10-12x, and many more.

You can sign up to create your account and use the features of showmymap to create map multiple locations.

Also, these maps which you make using this tool can be converted into pdf and other formats. You can also print them and share them using so many methods. Thus, it will help to promote your business in the best as well as money easy way. For more information about showmymap visit the site and try the tool by yourself. You will be able to deliver the best presentation when you include these maps in your slides and also, people will be able to understand you better!


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