How to Make Your Store a More Pleasant Place for Customers

When a potential customer comes into your store, there is a chance that they will walk out again without having bought anything. This might seem like a decision you had barely any control over, but it isn’t just what you sell that influences your sales. The environment where customers buy products plays a huge role in encouraging purchases and returning customers. Here’s how you can make your store a much more pleasant place for your customers so that your sales improve.

Why Does It Matter?

You may believe that as long as you sell the right product or service, customers will keep returning. This is not the case. You also need to create a positive experience for your customers while they shop in your store. This will not only encourage an initial purchase and engagement with your business but also will increase the chances of future loyalty to your brand. Just remember that ‘pleasant’ means different things to different people, so make sure you know your target market.

Play Music That Suits Your Brand

Good music can bring someone back from the edge of a bad mood. You can use music to influence what the people in your store feel so that they create a subconscious connection in their minds between your store and a positive feeling. Use XM for business to play music legally in your store. Something as simple as this can make a huge difference to the emotions of your store’s visitors. Think carefully about what music suits your business best so that it is well-represented and aligns with the tastes of your target market.

Be Respectful and Real

Everyone has a handful of negative customer service stories when they have been served or assisted by someone whose actions made the situation worse. Everyone also has memories of a time when someone working in a store was able to flip a bad situation into a positive one simply by being respectful, patient, and honest. Train any staff you have for your store to treat your customers well. While the notion of the customer always being right is now old-fashioned and out of date, it is still important for sales and your business’ reputation to make people feel good whenever they enter your store. This doesn’t mean behaving in a saccharine, overbearing manner. Recruit store managers and staff who can adapt their tone depending on the customer they’re speaking to. An approach like this is usually much more effective than robotically reading from a prewritten script about a product specification or protocols for complaints.

Put Yourself in Their Shoes

The more you can imagine what it’s like for your customers to experience your store, the better. Use this to envision various improvements, imagining what it must be like to navigate the space. This exercise can help you greatly when it comes to finding flaws in your store’s presentation so that you can make it a more welcoming and enjoyable place in the future.