How to Make Your Roofing Business More Efficient by Improving the Efficiency of Field Operations

Running a roofing business is difficult as it requires managing various aspects such as field workforce, transportation, work order, and inventory. Handling multiple operations with precision, especially keeping a collaborative balance amongst all these operations is imperative because any failure in one category of operation can interrupt the entire service cycle and cause service delay. As a roofing service provider, you understand properly that your patrons don’t like to be kept waiting.

To harmonize with your patrons’ expectation of on-time service delivery, you require to streamline all the processes covered in the service cycle. Starting from lead management to job scheduling, inventory management to service-team dispatching, field workforce management to customer complaints, work order management to customer experience, everything should comprehend each other through a well-balanced workflow. A competitive analysis of how other businesses are effectively managing all these operations is necessary to ensure that you are at the right pace to sustain in the highly competitive market?

Here, automation is the key to success. You can incorporate automation in your business operations with the help of cleaning business software. It optimizes the various processes of the service cycle in the following ways:

Better Field Visibility

Roofing software functions as job scheduling software by automating the scheduling process, thus making it notably easy for the manager to control the service requests. Before designating the jobs, the software enables the manager to appraise parameters like availability of the material, and equipment in the inventory, availability of the cleaners, their location proximity to the job site, their skill sets for a job, etc. Also, the software facilitates GPS tracking of the field service agents’ location, so the manager/supervisor gets real-time visibility of field activities. He will know which agent is engaged with which project and by what time he will be open to taking up the next project. Accordingly, the manager can allocate jobs and accordingly send notifications and alerts to the concerned field agents.

Transparency and Accountability

As the real-time visibility of field activities allows the managers to have a tab of service agents’ current work status, so he can pre-plan the succeeding course of action with accuracy. Also, by promoting live-tracking, roof estimating software promotes more clarity and accurate estimation of the overall service cycle. This ensures that everyone abides by their job roles with complete accountability, and puts forward their best efforts to wrap up the work on time. In case they are running late, the manager will have a real-time update on this. Thus, accordingly, he can make adjustments in the schedules and can inform the concerned people by sending them automated real-time updates and notifications.

Reduced Transportation Cost

Transportation is one of the key expenses of a roofing business. While traveling is fundamental but additional or casual traveling causes over-head travel expenses. This results chiefly because of factors like unoptimized routes, low first-visit effectiveness, and inappropriate job scheduling, wherein a field agent is assigned with jobs at distant locations. All these productivity leaks can be managed with the aid of a roofing estimate app. Such apps have route planners that are instrumental in optimizing the shortest yet safest routes to efficiently travel through multiple locations without taking detours. Thus, saves time as well as money.

As you yearn to increase the productivity of your business, it is important to improve the productivity of your field workforce. A roofing software is one effective solution to achieve that goal by streamlining service operations like work order management, job scheduling, inventory management, route planning, invoice and payment management, etc.