How to Make Your Ideas Happen: 5 Ways to Get Your Creativity Going

As the weather starts to cool down, you may find yourself in a rut. But fear not! The following tips can help you take your ideas to the next level and spur your creative juices;

 Listen to Music

 If you’re feeling uninspired, try listening to music. It can be helpful to listen to music that is similar to your work or even songs that have nothing to do with what you’re doing at all, but it’s still nice music nonetheless. This can open the door to your subconscious and allow you to be creative in ways that you never thought possible!

Play online games

Playing games online is a great distraction, and it can make you more creative. Here are some ways that you can use your downtime to your advantage.

1. Play word games . Games like “Play Tonality Interactive Online Sound Memory Game ” and “Words with Friends” stimulate your creativity, especially if you play against people who are better than you. They force you to come up with words and strategies on the fly, and this will improve your creative output in other areas of life. 

2. Play strategy games . You don’t have to be competitive or have a bunch of free time to enjoy strategy video games. Just pick one with a low learning curve, and you’ll be able to learn strategies that will help you in business or in life. These games are about finding solutions to problems, so by playing them, you’ll find solutions to problems you’ve been facing as well.

Show-and-Tell Method.

One technique I find useful for getting ideas flowing is called the “Show-and-Tell Method.” It’s a simple idea. The method is that you have to show your idea to someone. You can’t just say it to someone – your idea has to be validated with real feedback from people who are around you.

All you have to do is…

1st – Get the attention of a group of people – even just one person by making them an offer. Offer to tell them about an idea you have.

2nd – Tell them about your idea. Make sure they understand what you are telling them and that they can understand how your product/business would benefit them or someone they know.

Start Small

If you’re having trouble getting your creativity flowing, start with something small. Something small will help get you in the zone, and hopefully the momentum will carry you to bigger and better things. Take for example one of my most successful projects: My Little Free Library. If you don’t know what a Little Free Library is, here’s how it works: you put books that you don’t want to read anymore in a box outside your house or apartment for anyone to take. Take something of yours away, and replace it with something better.It started off as a photo of me with my library and the caption “This is my little library. Any book from this library can be taken by anyone as long as it’s returned in good condition. Feel free to take a book and leave a book.

Focus on your day to day

 When I say focus, what I mean is fully immerse yourself in the minutes of your day to day schedule – your habits. If you’re working out or running every day, then DO IT! It sets up a positive feedback loop that will almost always yield better results.
There’s nothing worse than being stuck in a rut, especially when it comes to creative endeavors. There can be endless reasons why you’re stuck and, really, the only person who can pull you out of it is you. Whether you need a swift kick in the pants or a little bit of inspiration, this article has  got you covered.


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