How To Make Your Gym Life Easier

Exercising doesn’t have to feel hard. Whether it’s running or weightlifting, working out should be an exercise you look forward to, each day. 

It’s true some days working out feels like work, and you don’t want to get to the gym. Your legs are unusually heavy, every breath feels like a last gasp, and you have the uneasy feeling that your next session might be your last.

Gym sessions should be enjoyable

There are many science backed tips that can help you have a more effective and easier gym life. Plus, the easier your workouts get, the more benefits you reap and without working extra hours.

Wouldn’t you just want to walk into the gym casually, yet consistently, like it’s no big deal?

I mean, you should be the kind of person who doesn’t have to re-psyche themselves each day. 

You see,

If you have to re-convince yourself each day to go to the gym, chances are that you overlooked a few key things that can change going to the gym from chore to something fairly second nature.

Breeze through your next gym session without much work and better results. Here are 5 tips to help you reignite your passion for the gym.

  1. Get into work out sessions with others

According to a study done by the Oxford University, having workout buddies increases one’s tolerance to pain and doubles the endorphin hormones.

You’re more likely to endure extensive work out sessions when with friends than when you’re alone. 

  1. Keep sharp focus on what you’re doing

I know how challenging it can be running on the pavements and riding down the road. I mean, it’s always tempting to look around and take in the sights. 

However, according to a study by New York University, the best thing to do during such work out sessions is to narrow your gaze and focus on what you’re doing.

The more you let your eyes wander, the slower the pace and the more difficult the walking or riding session becomes.

  1. Visualize your workout

As a new gym goer, there’s nothing more important than self motivation. Sometimes when training becomes extremely difficult, you need to find better ways to motivate yourself.

I find visualizing your workout an incredibly effective way to plan for your next session.

It’s important to picture your entire experience before you begin your exercise. By creating a movie like experience in your mind, you create a favorable environment to easily carry out your workout sessions.  Also, working out during the time you are most inspired helps. It will be a great advantage if you can go to a gym that can cater you anytime you want to exercise like the 24/7 gym in Wantirna.

  1. Be positive about the whole exercise

The truth is you’ll experience pain while doing some of the exercises. It’s also true it hurts at some point, and you may want to quit.

Nonetheless, how you think about the side stitches and muscle fatigues completely changes how much they hurt.

The more positive you think of them, the less they hurt.

  1. Drink some ice cold beverage before you get down to work

A hot summer afternoon can be quite uncomfortable with exercises that require so much energy.

Hot temperatures lower down the intensity of your exercises and makes the whole exercise a little more difficult.

Drinking some cold water or juice can boost how long and intense you can exercise.


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Jennifer Alex

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