How to Make Your CV Stand Out

Recruiters from big firms can receive hundreds if not thousands of CVs for job openings. They usually decide within 7 seconds whether a resume is worth looking at or not. This makes it vital to have a CV that not only ticks all the boxes but truly stands out. Here are the most important tips for creating a CV that gets noticed.

Get the Basics Right

With all this competition a CV with errors in spelling, grammar, or formatting will automatically be considered below average. Don’t let silly mistakes affect the probability of getting more interview calls.

Use a Professional Service

Professional resume writing services hire certified CV experts who have insight into the recruiting world and use that information to build an outstanding resume. Get at least one version of a CV from them so that you can tweak it for different potential jobs. Some of them are pricey, but top rated cv creation service don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. These services often have additional benefits like career advice that make them useful no matter what. 

Don’t Overdo It

A common mistake people make in an effort to stand out is using overly complicated formatting. It may seem like an easy way to make a resume unique but clean and straightforward resumes tend to be better for most jobs. This is especially true if the company uses software like ATS systems to evaluate CVs.

Include a Short Profile

A short profile at the top of a resume is an opportunity to explain major accomplishments and state ambitions. This is particularly important when no cover letter is required. The profile should not be longer than four or five sentences and should be tailor-made for every job.

Tweak Resumes for Different Jobs

Sending the same CV for different jobs is another common mistake. Each job requires different skills and talents. Each potential employer may be looking for something unique in a potential candidate. Every job description should be carefully analyzed and a resume should be tailor-made for it.

Be Specific

It is better to say “productivity increased by 15% after the implementation of my recommendations” than ”I helped increase efficiency”. Recruiters are interested in knowing the specifics of what a potential candidate achieved. This allows them to compare candidates and shows them that a potential employee understands the value of tangible results.

Use Keywords

Many large companies use ATS systems to help go through the thousands of CVs they receive. Applicant tracking systems scan CVs for specific keywords and create a shortlist for recruiters to go through. Keywords are drawn from common industry knowledge, words related to the specific position, and company values. Make sure to use them throughout a resume.

Include Relevant Extracurriculars

Companies are willing to hire well-rounded individuals, but potential employees need to understand when to include their semi-professional video game team and when not to. Extracurriculars make a potential employee unique but are only useful if they relate to the company or specific job position. 

Talk About Achievements, Not Responsibilities

A list of current job responsibilities won’t impress your employer. Instead, try to focus on achievements. A job responsibility is “managing office supplies”, an achievement is “ensured the day-to-day operations of the office by managing internal inventory”. 

Show Off Knowledge

Technical knowledge of the industry is important for many jobs. Using buzzwords and technical jargon is an effective strategy to show an employee’s proficiency in a field. Employers want to know that any potential candidate can speak the same language as they do. 

Include LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the premier social platform for entrepreneurs and working professionals. It is a must in today’s competition-heavy job market. Including a link to an impressive LinkedIn profile is especially useful in the later stages of the job selection process.

Stay Up-To-Date on Standard CV Writing

A CV that worked just a few years ago may not be as efficient anymore. Using a CV writing guide to update a resume or tweak a resume for different jobs ensures that it follows the ever-changing CV format. Make sure to use a guide specifically for the type of job you apply for.

Avoid Overused Terms

Phrases like “results-oriented”, “team player”, and “project management” are obvious and a requirement of almost every job. They do not add anything to a resume and should be avoided. It is better to provide examples of these attributes rather than just state them.

Consider the Audience

Different types of jobs require different types of CVs. A resume for a creative position will not only use different words than one for a finance job but has more freedom to change its overall format and aesthetic. The important thing is to think about the audience and create a resume that would appeal to them.

Give It Personality

A CV is a representation of an individual in a professional environment, but this doesn’t mean that it cannot have elements of their personality. If you want to get help from the best cv creation service visit novoresume reviews on Top-resume-reviews. The goal is to stand out, which means a resume that is unique will do better than one that is exactly like hundreds of others.

The advice in this article should help anyone create a CV that gets them to the next step of the hiring process. Good luck!

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