How to Make Your Business Team Work Securely from Home

As we all know that the working routines and scenarios are being changed due to the COVID pandemic all over the world. Therefore, most of the countries are observing complete or partial lockdown but it doesn’t mean that everyone has stopped working but they are now working differently. The scope of work may be the same but the workplaces have been expanded but limited to the homes of the employees. They are having to set up a workstation at their home with a good speed internet connection to keep the information sharing alive. 

Separate and different types of data sharing procedures means an increased threat to the safety of your confidential information and data access. It means that your enterprise is now out of the boundary walls and the data encroachment or cyber-attacks that were previously limited to the intranet and internal network sharing are now open to external sources due to public and unsecured internet connections. Here are a few ways to protect your enterprise data and information from being hacked or destroyed by any malware, as mentioned below:

  • Passcode Audit

The passcode here is not relevant to the personal passwords that users are using at their personal PC but it relates to the passcodes which they are using to access the information from the master data server at your organization. Various security checks and access limitations would have to be imposed to allow the only concerned person to access the required data safely. Mixed numeric and alphabetic passcodes are encouraged with two-factor verification highly recommended.

  • Basic Security Awareness

A basic awareness should be given to the employees who are working at home about security risks and challenges. They should be informed about how to avoid security risks by not clicking on phishing emails and also not downloading any files from untrusted sources. They should avoid using public Wi-Fi networks for saving their own expenditures on the internet. They should also verify the security preferences of the internet service to which they are connected.

  • VPN

To keep the movement of data secure between internal and external networks during employees are working from home is possible by providing VPN access to the employees. As we all know it not only secures the identity of the network user by hiding its IP but also does not let anyone know the location of the employee using his PC. It encrypts the data while it is in between the network pathways for transferring it to the user end safely. It is better to use VPN Conexion provided by Express VPN instead of using free VPN services as those can be doubtful.

  • Security Apps

Using anti-virus or anti-malware may protect your PC and the stored data from any external attack by some malware, ransom-wares, or viruses that may enter into your system from untrusted sources or unsecured internet service. There are various security programs that can be installed into your PC to get it protected from harmful attacks.