How to make your business stand out from the crowd

Anyone can start a business, but what do you need to do to make it stand out? How enterprising are you? Check whether you have the qualities and characteristics to make your startup successful.

Research into entrepreneur characteristics

In addition to top entrepreneurs, various researchers have also delved into the characteristics of successful businesses. Based on the findings of these researchers, we have made a selection of the skills below that a starting entrepreneur should have for its business:

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Dare to take risks

An entrepreneur must dare to take risks. When you launch your idea or product, determine a price or have a commercial conversation, you have prepared as well as possible, but you always run the risk of negative feedback.

That is exciting and challenging, but don’t let that stop you. These are the moments that made you an entrepreneur and that you always learn from.  

When do you take a risk?

Don’t take risks just for the sake of taking the risk, but do so with a certain idea. For example, calculate in advance what the consequences will be if a customer does not respond to your idea or price so that you have a plan B at hand.

If you do this well, taking risks can actually pay off and help your company further.


Are you someone who keeps going, even when the going gets tough? Do you always finish what you start, despite the risks? To become a successful entrepreneur, you need a good dose of perseverance.

You must be able to demand a lot from yourself, be able to concentrate well, have a clear goal in mind and want to achieve it.


You need creativity to develop your idea in such a way that it leads to a great company. Can you think further and ‘out of the box’? Do you have what it takes to provide your idea with an extra layer that provides that ‘yes!’ feeling?

Then your creativity is probably fine. You will need it, also to be able to convince others of your plans.


Is your argumentation always correct and do you know how to convince others with it? In other words: are you able to sell products and ideas and to enthuse others? It is important that you can make clear what you want (and why) and thereby create trust.

You also need empathy for the latter. Then you can assess people well, listen well and during a (sales) meeting you are able to quickly find out what the needs of your customers and clients are.

Result-oriented working

When doing business, keep in mind what results you want to achieve and act accordingly. Make quick decisions and always keep an eye on the big picture. If you employ staff, you also need this competence: you must be able to lead in a result-oriented manner.

Be clear with your employees about what you expect from them. What responsibilities do they have and what results do they need to achieve? If they have a clear vision of the goal, they can fill in the details themselves.

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