How to Make Your Business Presentation More Interesting

When it comes to business meetings and board presentations, you have a variety of reasons for them. From giving information to proposals of new practices or innovations, there are several reasons you need to gain and keep the attention of your colleagues, employees, and bosses.


However, not every presentation accomplishes that. If your audience cannot retain their attention for you, you will be at a disadvantage when it comes to getting your point across and doing your job. Here are some ways to make your presentations more engaging.


Prepare Well

Preparation is key for everything, and for presentations, they are crucial. Preparation plays a significant role in your showcase because it keeps attention on the facts and data and not your stumbling or nervousness. Your preparation also helps keep your anxieties at bay. Having a good grasp and understanding also allows you to engage questions and queries better when it comes to the information you present, ensuring that you are not thrown any curveballs and keeping your audience interested in what you have to say.

Visuals are Key

Several aspects go into the success of a presentation. One of the significant factors is the visual aspect. In terms of presentations, you want them to not only be interesting but functional. Additionally, depending on your market and audience, you want to make sure that your presentations are available on various platforms and accessible to a broader audience.


Having the ability to download videos and watch them anywhere, not to mention to add clips and incorporate videos in your presentation, is crucial for engaging the audience. The video tools professionals from Viddly acknowledge the benefits of reaching your audience with different and engaging videos. Visuals help people apply and see information in an added dimension. You want to have your presentations online and available on mobile to share with your business partners and potential investors. This will allow them to return to your videos and continue to gain benefits long after your initial presentation.


In addition to video and visual aspects, audio plays another very important role in a business presentation. Suppose you are presenting to a large group, perhaps in an auditorium or even over an online platform. In that case, you want to ensure that your audio is working and functioning correctly, as technical failures will be detrimental to getting your messages across. Additionally, within your presentation, audio in the form of music can evoke different emotions and feelings, creating a healthy atmosphere for you and your audience.

Add Interactivity

Presentations will often feel like a lecture or passive. They usually involve one person addressing and speaking to a group of people, creating a one-sided direction of communication. There is often little to no interaction in these situations. The issue is that the lack of interaction can be detrimental in terms of interest and retaining the attention of your group. A more interactive presentation or communication changes things and creates a more memorable presentation. The engagement will help keep your audience engaged, and they will be more likely to remember who you are and what you presented.

Personalization And Connection

In addition to creating a more interactive presentation, you can focus on a more personalized experience. Knowing your audience will allow you to take their histories or personalities and relate it to the subject matter you have at hand. This keeps your audience engaged mentally, making connections with you or the subject matter without incorporating any sort of interactivity. This means that you can keep the flow of information more focused in one direction while getting the benefits of a communal relationship.

Short And Direct

One way to ensure that you keep your presentation more interesting is to consider the time. Long presentations can feel drawn out and leave the audience feeling mentally fatigued. If your presentation requires a lot of information to pass through and be forwarded, consider breaking it down into multiple sections, allowing for breaks in between.


Doing so will allow your audience to disengage and relax mentally, then return to you with a fresh attention span. Additionally, if you need to get across a lot of information, consider pamphlets,  booklets, or video summary. This will allow your audience to follow along, have reference points, and focus on what you are talking about without having to worry about past issues and questions.


Presentations can often feel like a burden or a task that you have to get through. Depending on the business or industry, it may be challenging to keep your audience’s attention. It is essential to learn techniques to connect with others and keep them engaged to have them hear what you have to say.