How to Make the Most Out of Your Condo Space

Just acquired your first condo and lacking the idea of how to maximize the space? Here are some interior design tips that you can do in your condo to make the space appear larger than it is. From opting for convertible or multipurpose furniture, go for ceiling-to-floor mirrors and use neutral colors. 

Opt for Convertible Furniture

When looking for furniture, always go for pieces that are multi-purpose. The best example would be a couch that also doubles as a storage underneath the seat. Another is a stool or footrest that could also be stored for towels and other personal belongings. The logic behind this is that your furniture will serve another purpose. This way, you will no longer need extra cabinets because your pieces of furniture already provides you with ample storage you need for your things. Extra standing cabinets in the house decrease room for footprint. Meaning, you will have an object in space that could have been room for walking. 

Install Wall Cabinets

If convertible furniture is not enough to accommodate your storage requirements, installing wall cabinets is better than purchasing standing cabinets. With wall cabinets in place, you will have more space underneath it for more furniture and other items. Your wall cabinet may or may not have any doors. Open cabinets present ideal storage for basketed personal belongings as well as shelves for displaying decorations. The idea of maximizing a space all boils down to the concept of multi-purpose furniture. Another great thing about wall cabinets is the opportunity to install hooks wherein you can hang pieces of clothing, bags, purses, and shoes. 

Switch to a Storage Bed

Wall sofa beds may require plenty of handiwork for installation as well as maintenance. With this, a storage bed presents an ideal and great replacement. The storage part of your bed could be underneath the bed, at the foot, or on the headboard. You can use baskets as storage placed under your bed. From linens, stuffed toys, books, shoes, and other things, basket storage located under the bed remains a viable solution to maximizing your condo space. If the foot of your bed has ample space, you can place a rectangular stool that also doubles as storage. Finally, one creative way to install your bed storage is in the form of shelves. Think about all the books that are within your reach if you have shelves as a headboard. In addition to that, you can put little ornaments and trinkets as well as a reading lamp. 

Go For Larger Mirrors

One popular illusion to incorporate in a condo space is the installation of ceiling-to-floor mirrors. Either you put the mirrors in the living room, kitchen or bedroom to make space appear wider than they are. The best location for mirrors is the one facing furniture. As the furniture doubles itself in front of the mirror, the person looking at the mirror from a different perspective will view the space to be larger. 

Avoid Bulky Objects

Avoid any bulky objects at all costs. Never install a sofa couch in the living room that already occupies almost half of the space already. Take note, you will want to have plenty of foot space. Bulky objects also include large-sized tables and chairs. To optimize your condo space, make sure to use enough furniture for the use of the heads living in the unit. Out-of-place potted plants are also considered bulky objects. Instead of purchasing pots placed on the floor, obtain smaller plants that you can hang on the walls. You can create a mini shelf out of wire or wood.

Use Monochrome or Light Colors

Black, white, and neutral colors like taupe, tan, cream, or light yellow are some of the recommended shades and hues for condo units. Take note, black is only great as a decor like rugs, runners, and other objects placed on the floor or tables. Never use black to outline or paint an entire wall because the color can make a space shrink. The color black mimics a black void and it can provide an illusion to a person that space is smaller than it is. 

Natural Light Combined with Ceiling Lights

Let the natural light of the sunshine in during the mornings. Put two layers of curtains, one thick and one ultrathin. This way, you can easily use one of each depending on your lighting requirements. Natural sunlight can give condo space a little trick of the light, which makes space appear larger. Conversely, install ceiling-mounted lights. The way the light will hug the ceiling will make it look farther. With this, the ceiling looks taller than it is. 

Key Takeaway

A condo presents an ideal space to unleash your inner interior designer skills. Apart from purchasing furniture, you can DIY some storage in order to organize your personal stuff. Take note, it is advisable to avoid bulky objects. That grand piano set might look great but it does not have a place in a condo. Think of optimizing your space by installing smaller yet meaningful objects and furniture.