How to make the most of in-home fireplace?

“Fall season is in full swing. Here’s how to snap, crackle & pop a roaring fire in the fireplace the right way.”


Perhaps one of the most sought-after features in a home is the fireplace but, using it properly can be intimidating. Here’s an easy guide on doing it the right way.


The wood-burning fireplace


“If a caveman can do it, you can definitely do in a better and more efficient way”


  • Have the chimney inspected


Safety comes first which means both the fireplace and chimney must be carefully inspected by a licensed professional. Remember that this is a must-do thing to be executed before start of the season.


  • Fireplace Preparation


Begin preparing the fireplace by cleaning old ash, dust, dirt and debris with a broom. Also check if the damper is open and functional. This is important to start the fire in a safe and controlled way.


  • Collect & prepare the wood


It’s best to use seasoned hardwood that has been dried and split for almost a year or at least six months. Make sure that the wood logs are cracked at the ends, dark in tone and give a hollow sound when knocked together.


Throw in a rolled-up newspaper ball underneath the grates to build a long-lasting fire, lay some pieces of finely split and narrow wood in an intersection pattern on the grates. Finish up by resting a few dry woods on the kindling.


  • Priming the Chimney


This step is taken to heat-up the cold air inside the chimney shaft which prevents smoke from blasting back. Before actually lighting the fire, burn up a tightly rolled newspaper sheet and hold it towards the open damper for a minute or two to ensure the smoke is actually going up.


  • Light itUp


You’re all set to light the fire and enjoy villas in Dubaito its ultimate. In case the fire starts to diminish, fan the flames gently with a folded newspaper or hand-crafted fan to keep it kindled. Simply add more wood to the fire which will work as a fuel. When the fire finally goes out during the night, make sure you close the metal or glass door to the chimney before going to bed.


Deriving the efficiency factor


Reality fact, wood-burning fireplaces may appeal for their aesthetics but a total waste of time and valuable natural resources to heat a house. This is because heat rises upwards and most of it escapes through the chimney. That said, fireplaces built directly against the outer wall of your home loses even more heat


Wood-burning fireplace can be used only for special occasions. And if someone isn’t planning to use it more often, an inflatable plug for insulation is a smarter investment. That said, gas fireplaces are far more efficient and the latest editions are even more realistic to make you forget on not owning any firewood. However, switching to gas insert is expensive especially if the chimney requires sufficient changes.


Safety essentials


It’s obvious that fire is most unsafe but only if it’s uncontrollable. Fireplaces are built to make your villa living more comfortable during winters without any accidents, if you do it right in the first place that is! Here’re a few common safety steps:


  • Keep all flammable objects away from the fireplace and store the firewood in a barn or a store room built at a distance from living quarters.
  • When igniting the fire, always cover the front with a metal or mesh screen to prevent embers from flying.
  • Carefully inspect the fire extinguishers and smoke detectors before kindling the first fire of the season.
  • Monthly inspection of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors is a must.
  • Wooden fireplaces release smoke that can be irritating and even harmful to the lungs. To prevent smoke in the house, always keep the damper open for ventilation.


Enjoy the winter season to its fullest by keeping your fireplace safe.



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