How to make the best use of your kitchen space?

The kitchen is that area of the home which undoubtedly sees the most traffic. Be it day or night, there would always be someone in the kitchen cooking or just looking for a snack. You don’t want to come into your kitchen after a heavy day of work to get frustrated again about the cluttered space.

It makes it crucial to organize your kitchen to make the best use of the space and increase functionality and efficiency as well. It may not be a simple task and require you to be creative and meticulous. Creating the layout might not be possible for a regular person and would need professional guidance. Even after the basic design, it is a herculean task to determine what kind of storage units and appliance spacing you want.

Here we are presenting you with some tips and hacks to make the best use of your space:

Having a layout plan

Having a layout plan for your kitchen space should be the first thing on your agenda. The plan should include everything from your countertops, appliances, storage units, and everything else you want in your kitchen. You can always opt for free estimates on your budget requirements and the renovation project you’re taking up to have everything prepared.

A layout plan is crucial as it will be instrumental in helping you out in the workflow. If there is disruption, you wouldn’t be able to function efficiently, and it would also lead to cluttering the whole space.

Using those plain walls

You can use the bare walls in your kitchen to hang hooks or other equipment that takes less space than shelves. These could be used to hang your mugs and cups or other cooking essentials that would otherwise take a more extensive area. Also, opting for magnetic strips on your walls can help you hang the cutlery without constructing a whole cupboard.

Making use of corners

Corners are often overlooked when constructing a storage unit. There are a lot of ways in which you can build shelves or cabinets in those unused corners of your kitchen to maximize the use of space.

Folding furniture

Making use of those new and innovative folding tables or countertops would really help the space efficiency. You can prepare and eat food at that same table and fold it up after use giving out the look of a more open area.

Organize and classify items

Everyone has some items in their kitchen which are of no real use to them. Classifying and organizing your equipment and other stuff would help you decide the ones worth keeping and the ones you should throw out. This would help minimize the things you have to make up space for and reduce the clutter.

Find a space for your appliances.

Finding a closed space for your kitchen appliances such as the juicer grinder or the coffee machine inside a cabinet would help reduce the mess on the countertop and give out the look of a bigger space.

Having all of them out in the open would leave out lesser space for your actual kitchen work.


Following all these tips and putting your creativity to work would help you get that kitchen of your dreams and within that less space too!