How to Make Sure your Projects are Delivered on Time

Many companies have project teams working on projects with a strict deadline and often also a strict budget. And a big percentage of those companies probably have to agree that, no matter the effort, it’s very probable that projects will cost more than projected and/or take longer to complete. Projects can be very complex, with many stakeholders and separate budgets, so it’s no surprise they’re often not delivered on time. This can be quite annoying, but it’s a reality many companies face. To make sure your projects are delivered on time, it can be a good idea to work with a company that specializes in project management. But what exactly can you expect from a collaboration like that?

First of all: what is project management?

Project management (Dutch: projectmanagement) is everything that has to be done to make sure all project goals are reached and the risks are controlled and measured. With project management it’s easier to keep track of what needs to be done, which ‘sub-projects’ are delaying the project and whether the budget will be enough or not. In short: with good project management, you stay in control of your projects and adjustments can be made in case a project is likely to go over budget or go over the deadline.

How can I implement project management?

It’s likely you are already implementing project management strategies to some extent and you might even have a project manager responsible for your project(s). But often that’s not enough – many projects are super complex and require one or more professionals with a lot of experience keeping all tasks on track. That’s why it can be handy to work together with a company that matches you with one or more external project managers. These professionals will be critical about everything, from your project planning to your process flow (Dutch: proces flow). And that is how they’re able to spot “critical issues” and give thorough advice.

Why should I hire an external consultant?

You might ask yourself why you should hire such an external consultant, especially if you e.g. already have a project manager in your team. Well, it all boils down to experience. If your projects aren’t delivered on time, something has to be done. An experienced consultant will be able to tell you what’s going wrong way easier and quicker. These consultants also usually work in a company, so even if they’re stuck on an issue, they have colleagues that can help figure out the issue you’re dealing with.

Other than that, it’s also possible that all parties involved in your project are more likely to listen to an external consultant, because this person is completely impartial. And because of that impartialness, they can make the difficult decisions that someone that knows everyone very well, can find hard to make.

Are you struggling to make the deadline of a big project? Or have you noticed that the proposed budget will most likely have to be doubled? Then it’s a good idea to hire an external project management consultant to get everything back on track.

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