10 Tips for Washing Newborn Baby Clothes

Bringing a new baby home means that you will have to undergo a steep learning curve. Precisely, you will do a lot of laundries, and new methods have to be adopted as soon as possible. This article helps you learn how to wash newborn baby clothes.

Wash Them Before the Baby Arrives

There are two main benefits linked with washing your baby’s clothes before she is born. First, you will have clean clothes that are germ-free ready for your newborn. Also, they will be soft and ready to be put on your baby’s delicate skin.

Use Safe Wash Products for Babies

Many products are available on the market right now. Make sure that you pick the right one for your baby. If possible, go for the non-bio products. You must only go for products that will not cause your baby any skin infections.

Confirm the care level

All care products, especially for babies, come with a care label. This is one important thing that you must have in mind. Before you begin using the products, make sure that you go through the care label. Once you are done cleaning, make sure the clothes are perfectly dry before use.

Separate Your Washing

You can separate your baby’s washing in two important ways. If you have white colors, make sure that they are always cleaned separately. You must also wash bedding clothes separately, especially if any of your family members are sick. This will keep your newborn from catching infections.

Take Care of Stains Immediately

If your newborn egests or stains their clothes in any way, it is proper that you take care of the stain instantly. This will help you avoid permanent staining that might force you to go shopping again. For strong stains, sock them for some time so that you get rid of them easily.

Avoid Concentrated Chemical Cleaners

Your baby is likely to put the clothes and toys in their mouths, but chemicals are harmful to their health. Thus, it is prudent that you avoid using strong chemicals to clean their clothes. It is safer to use ordinary soaps and clean water

Clean Regularly

Newborn baby clothes must be cleaned regularly as long as they have not been used for some time. Therefore, after keeping the clothes for a certain period, you must take them out and clean them thoroughly.

Make Sure They Are Dry before Keeping

Some mothers make the mistake of keeping partially wet clothes for their newborn babies. This is wrong as wet clothes tend to attract germs and pathogens easily. Before you keep or use any of the clothes, make sure that they are perfectly dry.

Use The Dishwasher

It is okay if you are in a rush. Just use the dishwasher or water-based baby wipe to clean the toys and some clothes for your newborn. They will still be clean and safe to use.

Don’t Over Do It

It is okay to wash regularly, but just don’t overdo it. The clothes get worn based on how often they are cleaned. Therefore, do the laundry with moderation to enhance the lifespan of the clothes.


If you are looking for the best way to clean clothes, we hope this article helps. Also, you can use other tips as long as they are safe. If your newborn shows any form of skin infection after using the clothes, get in touch with a clinician right away.