How to Make Steel Toe Boots Comfortable

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The best way to ensure that you keep working a job for the longest period is to find ways to make yourself comfortable in that position. While getting along with your colleagues might be a way to make yourself comfortable mentally, but when it comes to physical comfort you need to choose the right.

You do not need to do much other than choosing the right pieces to put in your body. Buying steel toe boots would ensure just that. 

A pair of good steel toe boots would not only reduce your chances of accidents and injuries on the job.


The Dark Secret of Steel Toe Boots –

One thing that no one thinks of while buying steel toe boots is that the new shoes do not offer the same level of comfort as the old ones. The new shoes come with their own set of problems along with top-notch quality. The very fact that it is unbroken may just about lead to multiple problems that may make a significant impact on the level of your comfort.

The discomfort that you may experience while walking in your new pair of steel toe boots are –

  • Foot aches
  • Toe blisters
  • Scrapping your nails on the boot roof

These are just some of the minor problems and the major ones that are bound to occur if you continue to wear steel toe boots that are a bit too tight, is –

  • Bunions
  • Hammertoes
  • Foot Corns
  • Cross over toes

While it is evident that with the time you would wear your boots out and bring them to the level of assured comfort but it certainly gets difficult initially, especially if you are working 5 – 16 hr days. While it helps if you buy a quality pair you certainly need to care more. Thankfully there are things that you can do to ensure that you have the most comfortable pair even before you put the pair on.


The First Option: Breaking your Steel Toe Boots

Here are a few techniques that you can use break your quality pair of Steel Toe Boots


1.) Oil it Wide 


Cowboy Boot Oil or Conditioner


The oldest and the most useful hack are to apply a generous amount of mink oil or leather conditioner on the exteriors of the boot to make it wider. If you apply it at night before you go to bed and leave it overnight you would have the ideal texture to wear in the morning.


Before you do the happy dance and wear it, clean off all the excess amounts of oil from your shoes before you head off to work. If you do not take care of it early in the morning then you might have a new problem in your hand.


If by any chance you still feel that your toe space in the shoe is a tad bit too tight then simply repeat the process.


2.) Heating it Up 


Cowboy Boot Hair Dryer


No, you do not throw it in your oven but if done right it can prove the fastest way to soften up your shoes. Heating is not as time-consuming as oiling but is trickier. Thus approach with great caution!


To do this, all you need to do is wear a pair of thick socks before you wear your shoes and then turn on your hairdryer. Yes, it is the heat from your dryer that you would be using to stretch your shoes but only on the outside. Do not heat the insides!


The heat emitted from the hairdryer would not only turn your boots softer but also since your feet are wrapped in a pair of thick socks no harm would come to it. With a little assistance from your trusted hairdryer, you would be able to wear your boots all the time once the shoes have cooled down. If you feel that it looks frayed in the end apply some leather conditioner to it.

If you do not have a hairdryer you can also use hot water. But stay away from it if your shoes are not waterproof!


3.) Freezing it Out 


Freeze water bags inside to stretch boots


It may not be the most traditional way to wear the boots but it works all the time to make the steel toe work boots wide. All you need to do is fill up four zip-lock bags with water and ensure that there is no air bubble trapped into it.


After that, all you need to do is put the bags in the toe and heel area of each of the boots and then place them inside your freezer. Water expands as it freezes and thus assists you in widening your boot to make it more comfortable for you.


After the deed is done do not try to remove the bags out of the boots instantly. You would damage your leather in the process. Just let the water melt naturally to avoid any damage!


4.) Stick It Out


You may not believe it but ordinary household items like your broom or mop may just assist you in loosening up your steel toe boots. All you need to do is insert the stick inside to loosen it up and you are good to go.


But one problem with this method is that you cannot let the stick be after inserting it. No, you would have to keep at it regularly pulling in and out until you can confirm that your boot is starting to relax.


5.) Spraying It Expensively




Not just any spray can be used to stretch your shoes you need to use a stretching spray which is extremely expensive. Granted it is not the most inexpensive way to do it but it is the most efficient.


All you need to do is spray it on the problem areas and watch the spray loosen the fibers of leather and widen your steel toe boots. Spraying is the most effortless way to speed up the widening process. But if you do not wish to spend more you have other options as well!


They are mentioned above!


Second Option: The Right Kind of Socks


Socks for Boots


After you have bought a pair of great quality steel toe boots the next thing on your list should be to buy a pair of socks that are a perfect fit for your work boot. Most people cannot comprehend the benefits of the socks but getting the right pair would certainly provide you with –


  • Comfort
  • Protection
  • Hygiene 

To get the most out of your sock pair all you need to do is keep an eye out for fit, size, and material of it. If you get this combination right you are good to go!


Third Option: The Right Insoles 



Insoles are a great investment for making your steel toe boots comfortable. If you invest in a high-quality one you can certainly reap the benefits. A pair of premium insoles would certainly make your feet all the more comfortable and keep the discomforts away.


Here are a few points to keep in mind if you intend to buy separate steel toe insoles for boots –


  • Ensure that they are all removable
  • Great arch support
  • Perfect backing to keep the stress of your feet

If you keep these in mind you would be able to get the most out of your steel toe boots.


In Conclusion –


Select the method that you like the most to make your steel toe work boots comfortable. The use of any of the above-mentioned processes would get the work done for you, efficiently!