How to Make Runescape Gold in Necromancy Released?

The recent launch of the Necromancy skill and combat style in RuneScape has sent players into a frenzy as they eagerly try to level up and explore the new content. While many players aim for quick progression, one RuneScape adventurer took a different approach, focusing on strategic money-making from day one. In this guide, we’ll dive into the tactics used by this player to amass nearly 1 billion Runescape gold within a single day of the Necromancy release. Note that some of these methods may no longer be as effective due to changing in-game dynamics.

Early Days and Initial Strategies
Upon the release of Necromancy, the player started by completing the opening quest. This introduced them to the concept of lesser necroplasm, which they began producing and selling. Since demand was high at the beginning, they were able to make around 1 million gold per ritual, providing an initial boost to their wealth.

Exploring Profits from Crafting
The player delved into crafting ink for Necromancy XP, which also proved profitable. Combining necroplasm, vials of water, and ink resulted in valuable items that helped them both level up and generate income. This crafting method netted them around 10-15 million gold, allowing them to invest in other money-making strategies.

Unexpected Gold Rush: Ground Miasma Runes
During the initial hours, the player stumbled upon a remarkable opportunity involving miasma runes. By grinding these runes, they were able to quickly generate substantial profits, thanks to the high demand and limited resources available at that time. However, this method’s profitability was short-lived, as prices normalized after about 30 minutes.

Rune Crafting and Profits
The Rune Mythos Quest opened the door to crafting new runes using impure essence. The player opted to purchase some of this essence, crafting runes for a tidy profit. This method yielded consistent returns, although not on the scale of their groundbreaking discovery.

Necromancy Armor and Weapons
Here’s where the player struck gold. They realized that players were focusing heavily on weapon upgrades while neglecting armor. This oversight presented an opportunity. They began crafting and selling tier 30 armor, initially earning around 3-4 million gold per piece. Further exploration into higher tiers led them to tier 50 and tier 60 armor pieces.

Tier 60 Armor Gold Rush
The player uncovered a substantial market for tier 60 armor pieces. With players rushing to upgrade to tier 70 power armor, many were willing to purchase pre-made tier 60 sets to save time. Recognizing the demand, the player invested in tier 50 armor and upgraded it to tier 60. This strategic move led to substantial profits, with armor pieces selling for 35-100 million gold each. Timing their sales during the night when demand was high, they raked in immense profits.

The Final Haul and Beyond
By continuously crafting and selling tier 60 armor and weapons, the player managed to accumulate over 1 billion gold within a single day of the Necromancy release. Despite market conditions eventually stabilizing, they had already secured their place in the RuneScape economic history.

While the original methods described in this guide may no longer be as lucrative due to changing in-game dynamics, the underlying principles can still guide players seeking to capitalize on new skill releases. The importance of timing, demand, and strategic exploration remains at the core of profitable ventures in RuneScape. Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or just beginning your journey, remember that innovation and creativity can lead to unprecedented profits, just as this RuneScape player proved during the release of Necromancy.


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