How to Make Payment Effortless for Online Customers

Ecommerce businesses have their work cut out for them to get consumers to spend money on their products and services. However, this isn’t the only challenge you face — you also have to make it easy for customers to pay for their orders. Fortunately, there are several ways you can streamline the payment process and make it as effortless as possible for shoppers:

Have a simple, clean website design

A clean, simple design will help your customers find the information they need and make a swift decision. Make sure you use large fonts and spacing to make it easy to read and stick with a single colour scheme. You should also avoid using text in multiple languages or special characters that could confuse customers who don’t speak your native language—that’s why it pays for you to have an online translator handy.

Offer multiple payment methods

You want to make it easy for your customers to pay you. In order to do that, you’ll need to offer them several options. The first thing you should do is find out which payment methods are most popular in your country and then add those options first on your website. This can be done by running A/B tests or simply looking at the payment methods used by successful competitors.

If you’re based in New Zealand, for example, PayPal and credit card payments are widely accepted; while if you’re in Japan or Germany often prefer direct bank transfers over third-party services like PayPal or Stripe because they don’t have access to these services due to local regulation laws (like Germany’s Payment Services Code).

It’s also important that any other services used for accepting payments also allow multiple options – otherwise, users will just avoid using them as well as causing unnecessary confusion when trying out new websites. You can also consider using the Xero credit card payments which allow customers from around 80 countries around the world including the USA & Canada without having any extra charges on top of regular fees charged by banks from where they live.

Add Buy Now With One Click buttons

With Buy Now With One Click buttons, you can make it easy for customers to buy from your site in one click by placing a button on your product pages. This makes buying products faster and more convenient for customers, which increases the chances that they will purchase the item they are viewing.

When choosing the right button to use on your product pages, keep these tips in mind:

  • It should be visible on all devices (desktop, tablet, or phone).
  • It should be easy to click on so that customers don’t miss out on their chance at buying something they want.
  • It should blend into the rest of your website so it doesn’t stand out too much or distract people from browsing through other products.

Use mobile-friendly checkout forms

One of the easiest ways to make it easier for customers to make payments is by using mobile-friendly checkout forms. These forms make it easier for customers to complete their purchases, which in turn increases the chance that they’ll convert and buy something from you.

In order to be considered “mobile-friendly,” a checkout form must be accessible on all types of web browsers including those used on Android devices, iPhones and iPads. This means that the form will automatically resize itself based on what device is being used in order to ensure optimal usability for everyone who visits your site with a smartphone or tablet (that’s about 60 per cent of internet users).

Automate payments for subscribed products

Recurring payments can be a great way to keep your customers coming back, but they’re also the most likely to cause problems if you don’t set them up correctly. To make sure you aren’t losing money on subscriptions over the long run, take these steps:

Firstly, set up automated payment processing for all subscriptions with a duration longer than one month. This includes monthly subscriptions as well as more infrequent ones like annual or bi-annual plans. You’ll want to include options for automatic cancellation or suspension in case customers need to change their plans at any time during their subscription period.

Finally, let them do this directly from your website so there’s no need for an additional email notification from Stripe—just add “cancel” buttons next to each subscription payment amount on your checkout page.

Enable guest checkout for first-time visitors

If you have a high average order value, enabling guest checkout for first-time visitors is a great way to increase conversion.

Guest checkout is an easy way to give your customers the option of completing their purchase without creating an account. This feature enables them to purchase as a guest, and if they decide to return later and make another purchase, they can simply log in using their email address and password.

If you are offering guest checkout only for returning customers or those who’ve already created an account with your site, consider making it available for all new visitors as well (assuming that this isn’t against your terms of service). It might help increase conversions from people who don’t yet know about the benefits of creating an account or how much easier it can be when shopping on your website.

Have a clear return policy

The second step to making payment effortless for your customers is having a clear return policy. This can be done by putting a link to the return policy on your website, including it in every email marketing campaign you send out, putting links to it on the packaging, and posting links to the return policy on social media.

When you provide this information upfront there will be no surprises for customers who want to return their items.


It’s important to provide your customers with an easy way to make payments. It will not only improve the user experience but also increase sales and revenue. When deciding on which payment options to offer, you’ll want to consider factors like whether or not there are other companies offering similar services, how much money each option will cost you in fees, and how well it fits into your business model.

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