How to Make Money with a Dating Affiliate Network?


Data affiliate networks are excellent sources of passive online income. Over recent years, affiliate marketing has become more popular with online content creators looking to monetize their talents. Alongside this trend, the dating industry has presented affiliate marketers with massive opportunities over the past few years. But what is affiliate marketing?

A performance-based marketing strategy where businesses hire external companies to advertisers to promote their services through alternative channels, affiliate marketing is a powerful form of advertisement for any business. A commission is given to the affiliate marketer for every purchase made through these advertisements.

Why Are Dating Affiliate Programs So Lucrative?

So now we’ve answered the question, what is affiliate marketing? We can go on to explain its relevance within the online dating market. 

Dating apps are an endless source of potential for advertising as they cater to what seems like thousands of different demographics. Affiliate marketers can scour this massive pool of options to find the audience that suits them best. Due to this variety of audiences, the dating industry can accommodate every type of content creator.

The online dating industry is so vast, and it is only growing. According to Statista, the industry is predicted to reach a total revenue of $3.01 billion by the end of 2023 and expects this number to grow to around $3.41 bn by 2027. With this growth, opportunities for affiliate marketers will only increase. 

The competitive nature of the industry also means that the commission on referrals tends to be higher than in other verticals. Luckily, most of the highest-paying networks within the dating vertical operate on a cost-per-action model. In this type of commission model, affiliates receive commissions with each new customer referral that comes through their content. Cost-per-action models are probably the most commonly used and are, for the benefit of the advertiser, uncomplicated.

How To Choose The Right Dating Affiliate Network

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Choosing the perfect type of dating affiliate network is crucial to any long-term success as an affiliate marketer. As mentioned above, picking the perfect audience can be difficult because tastes and interests within this market vary so extremely. Despite this, the online dating scene is any advertiser’s dream, with so many untapped niches to choose from. Even in the face of this mesh of audience tastes, there are, however, some factors that can apply to any segment of the market. Here are some that are worth considering.


Search for networks with a good reputation. Read reviews and try to connect with other affiliate marketers for expert opinions.

Commission structure

Check whether commission rates are one-time or recurring. Most commissions are a percentage of the purchase made, but they can be a flat fee or a combination of both.

Support and resources

Look for networks that offer resources and support to help you promote the selected dating sites, including banners, landing pages, and marketing guides.

Top Dating Affiliate Programs to Join

There are plenty of dating affiliate programs available, each one of which has its own perks and disadvantages. With there being so many segments within this vertical, marketers are spoilt for choice. The choice you make will most likely depend on the type of content you specialize in. Here are the best programs to join:

  • eHarmony: This site was founded in 1997, making it one of the oldest on the market. Their methods are tried and tested and they offer a commission rate of 30% per sale.
  • Christian Cafe: It is estimated that 31.5% are Christian. This dating app taps into this massive audience and provides affiliates with an opportunity to create unique content.
  • Elite Singles: This app offers excellent matching algorithms and a commission of $7 per sale.

Tips for Maximizing Your Earnings

Getting into an affiliate program is surprisingly simple, but maximizing profit is much more difficult. Promoting through multiple channels is a great way of navigating this problem. Take, for instance, an advertisement spread through social media and email. By default, the ad will have more exposure; after all, the best advertising schemes are the most memorable and the most noticeable.  

Final Thoughts

A dating affiliate program can be a profitable vertical for aspiring affiliate marketers, thanks to the high demand and growth of online dating services. However, achievement depends on the affiliate’s quality of content, his knowledge of the market, and his elasticity to changing demands. With the online data industry continuing to experience significant growth, now is a better time than ever to try and use this particular vertical to create passive income for years to come.

Social media is a profitable platform for any affiliate marketer. Whether you are a novice or an expert, start a discussion on any challenges and successes you’ve had growing your social media presence.

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