How to Make Money Online for Beginners: 5 Easy Ways to Start

Working remotely is now a common setup and welcomes a pool of interested people, including those looking for other ways to earn more online. Some of the most common methods to earn online are to become an affiliate, commission work online, and make money using Canva.

But how do you know which one suits you best? We’ll be discussing five simple ways for you to check and see how you can also earn your share by tapping into the digital world:

1.   Online Selling

Three kinds of people would most likely get into online selling. First, you already have a physical store that just needs to shift into a digital one.

If this is the case, work comes in by first ensuring inventory of items that you already have and then putting up your site where you can keep business as usual. Ensure that your site’s look and feel match your brand and that you are up to date in terms of stocks and content.

Second, you want to start a business and have decided that a digital store will work best.

Starting up an online business can be easy or complicated depending on your product and, more importantly, your brand. Make sure that you do proper market research before going live and tap into other strategies for digital marketing to boost your store.

Third, you want to get rid of unnecessary stuff that’s been piled up.

Buy-and-sell sites are already up and running to cater to people just looking for ways to sell stuff that they already have without putting up an entire store on their own. Research which buy-and-sell platform works best in your area and sell your stuff there.

2.   Freelance Work

If you’re looking to do freelance writing, editing, designing, and other tasks, a growing number of companies are always looking for clients to hire on a project basis or part-time as added income.

Companies such as Canva are not just tools for creating school projects and presentations, but they can also be platforms for freelance work. These days, part of the trending freelance work includes designers for Canva templates and stickers. If you’re a digital artist or digital designer looking for something to do on the side to earn, then you can do commission work for Canva and earn.

3.   Content Creation & Affiliating

If you’re into blogging or vlogging and already have a channel or site with regular readers or viewers, you might want to consider joining an affiliate program as a passive way to earn online.

Affiliation works similar to paid partnerships or sponsorships. The two common ways of earning are either through Cost Per Lead (CPL) or through Cost Per Action (CPA). CPL entails being paid per campaign you put up promoting the company, while CPA entails being paid per action (or sale) the company gets through your promotion.

Either way, the most effective way to earn through content creation and affiliation is by ensuring that you have specific topics about which you are very much knowledgeable so that when you put up a blog or a vlog on that specific topic, your site brings in organic traffic.

Additionally, when you decide to sign up as an affiliate, ensure that the companies you apply to offer services or products that you’ll use and enjoy so that this retains the natural way you can discuss the product or service alongside your usual niche.

You wouldn’t want to read nor watch content that sounds like it was merely paid to say what it does, right? In order to be a good affiliate and an effective one at that, you truly need to tap into companies whose products and services are ones that you really believe in.

4.   Take Surveys

Since research marketing is always a need for any business, you can expect a bunch of companies handing out surveys and paying you once you’ve filled them out.

Most of these sites for surveys, such as Vindale, are data-safe as what they’ll most likely get from you are in the aspects of demographics.

You’re usually paid per survey, which means that this can be the fastest way for you to earn a relatively passive income as you can squeeze in a survey or two during your short breaks.

5.   Get Into Investments

There are now many ways to invest online–ranging from the traditional stock to the rise of NFTs. If you’re looking for a passive income, then researching and getting into an investment is a good option to spend your money and earn. This requires more research on your end, but a good investment will bring back more returns.

Earning remotely is as possible as remote work has progressed through the years. There are a lot of ways that you can make the digital world work for you so long as you are willing to play to your strengths and be open to new ideas.

Deny Smith

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