How to make money on Tiktok

Similar to youtube shorts and Instagram reels, TikTok is a short video platform for users to edit and upload their own videos. It has expanded drastically on the internet since first launch in 2017. 

With the development of smartphones, TikTok users can easily edit their video on a phone with assistant apps, people don’t need to be an expert video editors to do it. Now it’s so common that a 10-year-old kid can perform well. 

Where the audiences and potential customers are, there are business opportunities over there. That’s why there is a new workforce called TikTok content creatures appear. They each have their own style and content orientation and open a new way for businesses to cooperate to target more customers. 

Here are 6 ways you can earn on TikTok

  • Tiktok creator fund
  • Although this is a new function (tiktok was a free platform, people joined because its interesting, but now they can earn). To be eligible for Creator Fund scheme, you need to meet these requirements: 10k followers, at least 100k video views in the last 30 days, and your video is authentic base on its guideline.
  1. Sponsored content for brands
  • These are the most source of income a tiktoker can earn. When you build up a strong enough channel, brands will automatically find you, and negotiate about how to cooperate to deliver their brand image or message on your video. Your income depends on how much they want to appear on your channels, how strong is the brand, how popular is your channels, what niche your channel is. Sponsored content is also sensitive, you need to insert brand message in a delicate way that viewers don’t feel they are watching a commercial but a entertainment video. It’s not easy. And don’t over promote it, check the brand carefully so that it won’t hurt your personal brand in any way.
  1. Sell tiktok accounts
  • This way is usually applicable for entertainment channels, which feature short funny videos, it can attract a lot of viewers and followers. Over time, it can build up audience fast and cost effective.
  • There are some marketplace you can list your tiktok account for sale like market4gamers, fameswap…
  1. Affiliate
  • Tiktok is suitable for youth, or I should call gen Z (13 – 24 years old). And they are shopping a lot while scrolling on social media. This is a good chance for fashion, apparel, cosmetics… to promote. They usually pay tiktoker an upfront fee for mentioning them in the video. And affiliate links is mainly for measuring efficiency of the campaign; though it also pays influencers some extra money.
  • Brand ambassador
  1. As brand ambassador, tiktok is a great way for you to broaden the audience size, approach the largest online platform beside Facebook and Instagram. As a research said, users spend more than 2 hours on tiktok on average.
  • Join influencer marketplace
  1. For micro and mini influencers, it’s harder for brands to find and approach you. That’s why marketplace appears, it help connects brands and you. They charge a small fee, but the solution for both is huge.
Tips to earn more money with tiktok
  • Content is king: what you need to care is focus on creating new and interesting content, remember to be consistent to your content direction. All you need is building more and more loyal follower. Don’t focus on making money at the beginning, when you have strong and solid foundation, money will fill up your pocket. This is also a lifestyle, you need to catch any chance that can be recorded as a tiktok video, because regular posting is essential in this game.
  • Interact with your followers: As a tiktoker, you are like a micro to mini celeb, your voice affects followers a lot. So regular interaction with your followers will make them happy and engage more in the future. You can have some videos answering questions commented by your audience. Reading comments will also let know better about what content your audience like the most.
  • Stay focus to your niche content direction, but grow from there, a slight change over each new videos will make your channel refreshing and not easily boring.
  • Promote on other platforms: as I said in the beginning of the post, tiktok is similar to Youtube shorts and Instagram reels, so it’s totally legitimate to post on these platforms as well, to increase your total audience. It is also benefit for reaching to brands in the future.
  1. How much could a tiktoker possibly earn a month via tiktok ads?
  • Tiktok is a entertainment place, so if your purpose is to earn tiktok ads and Creator Fund, it will definitely under your expectation. Because making money is still beta function on tiktok. But building large audience and earn by promoting brands to these audience is a smart way to earn a lot. The amount of how much tiktokers earn are undisclosed, but you can somehow know that it’s worth their effort.

Michael Caine

Michael Caine is the Owner of Amir Articles and also the founder of ANO Digital (Most Powerful Online Content Creator Company), from the USA, studied MBA in 2012, love to play games and write content in different categories.