How to make money on amazon without a product

Amazon is an e-commerce platform that needs no introduction to our readers as almost everyone uses the services of Amazon to ensure they receive delivery of required products and goods to their doorstep from the online marketplace all by using your mobile phone or computer and uninterrupted internet to aid fast processing of the Amazon platform.

In recent times amazon’s popularity and high market share have attracted many common men and women to carry out their trade and make money by selling their products on amazon.

But today in this article we would be discussing how to make money on amazon without a product as not all can make or sell products but still have the need of a source of income and we are here to help fulfill your journey as you read this article to unlock the mystery of how to make money on amazon without a product.

7 Best Ways: How to make money on amazon without a product

So all we want to ensure for all our readers reading this article from all parts of the globe is that they won’t be dissatisfied that they can’t sell their product on amazon as we would be providing you some great ways how to make easy money on Amazon even if you do not have any product.

Affiliate Marketing Through Amazon

It’s the most simple and effective way to make money on amazon without much effort as all you got to do is open a blog and ensure you advertise amazon products and on each sale of a product, you would be receiving some commission.

Become an Amazon Merch

Are you a creative designer? Then simply create some digital art and sell it on amazon merch.

Publish your articles through Kindle Direct Publishing

If you love writing or editing then this one is for you, just write short stories, puzzles, or a novel. It doesn’t matter which genre you write in and how thick your book is, one can list their book on amazon free of cost and only pay commission when a book is sold through amazon.

Become a Part of the Amazon Mechanical Turk program

One can also register for the Amazon Mechanical Turk program and complete assigned tasks in your own free time and make money on amazon.

Retail Arbitrage Using Amazon FBA

If you have access to a cheaper market simply buy the goods from a retail market store in a warehouse and sell them for a good profit.

Sell Your Service

Amazon not only sells products but also is an online marketplace for services and you can sell your services like a haircut, tuition, babysitting, or housekeeping and make money.

Selling a Brand

Are you good at creating a brand you can sell created brands on Amazon and make good money?

Final Words…

We have completed this article discussing the topic of how to make money on amazon without a product, hopefully, it showed you a way to make money on amazon without your product and you would be inspired to put to good use the lessons learned through this article.