How to make money from blogging?

You think blogging is just a hobby? That’s not true; you can even make your living with the earnings that come from blogging like Bloggers need website. Starting from nothing literally could be terrible and sometimes, you might also feel demotivated. That’s the reason why we have made things easier for you to understand the simplest ways to make money from blogging.

Let’s us show you a step-by-step guide that would make you feel blogging is easy and one can earn a decent enough every month and moreover it just looks great on the CV or resume too.

Make money from blogging

Blogging is not easy but it’s neither hard, yes it is time consuming in the beginning but once after you have setup your idea and become hands-on, there would be nothing more easy than blogging.

Affiliate marketing

Okay, you have your content ready to publish, but if it’s the beginning then you probably won’t get enough readers or visitors to your blog. You can try using affiliate marketing that runs by adding links to the text of your blog, which is somewhat similar to seo but not the same. However, this linking can get you small commission every time the reader clicks or visits your content or the blog. Want to learn affiliate marketing then check this online courses.

  1. Place banners

Well, not on the streets, but on the internet. You can simply sell the banners on various advertising pages to all the brands and the visitors that are much relative to the content that you have provided though. Of course, your advertisements can be placed everywhere and anywhere. If you see, there is a bit harm in trying this CPC or CPM method as there are ad-blockers above the pages and that might not help you earn much, also that depends on how catchy your title is.

  1. Sponsoring on social media

This is a good method for you to earn much in the beginning itself. However, if you are much active on social media sites then you can be visible to the brands on the platforms and that also makes you to available and seen for many audience and also the companies that are doing business in the niche relevant to you. There are many bloggers who are making money right from posts on social media and yes you can also charge for the posts.

  1. Write for media agencies

This can not only get you good money but also improve your writing skills if you are a beginner writer. However, not so soon, but eventually brand and media blogs will reach out to you if they liked your posts and ideas. Just make sure that you don’t be shy to speak and input your ideas in front of the editors as that can be difficult but not impossible.


Well, there are many such marketing ideas that will help you to generate a good and enough amount of money from blogging, but not may be in the start, but with time and the quality of content that you post on your blog will help you to become visible and available to the readers. If you want to know more about blogging they you need to visit seo company in india.

Ellen Hollington

Ellen Hollington is a freelance writer who offers to ghostwrite, copywriting, and blogging services. She works closely with B2C and B2B businesses providing digital marketing content that gains social media attention and increases their search engine visibility.