How to Make Logo Branded Beer Tap Handles?

Modern logo branded beer tap handle is more than just a beer dispensing tool. This is a great way to advertise the beverages served in your establishment, as well as make your bar stand out from the competitors. 

Read our article to know what materials, styles, and other features are available when choosing the right beer tap handle and where to order them.

Materials, Styles and Other Options for Branded Beer Tap Handles

Before you start choosing beer tap handles for your bar, take a closer look at the interior of your establishment.

And answer the following questions:

  • What style prevails in your bar?
  • What is the dominant color of the interior?
  • What are the most visually present materials?
  • What’s the backdrop behind the beer tap handles?

The answers are to help you to choose the products that will fit in the style of the establishment and will allow you to place accents correctly. 

If you are at the stage of repair or construction of your pub, the choice of beer tap handles can be a kind of starting point for the rest of the design.

Of course, you can always order standard beer tap handles. However, we recommend a more detailed approach. Custom made tap handles help to draw attention to drinks, and stimulate the interest of regular and new customers to try beverages from your range.

When creating a logo branded beer tap handle you have a huge selection of options that allow you to make a unique product:

  • Material

Most beer tap handles are made of ceramic or wood.

Wooden tap handles are high-quality products that would be perfect for vintage- styled pubs and bars, as well as for establishments with wooden interiors. You can choose from different types of wood (ash-tree, alder, etc.) and different colors.

There is also a possibility to opt for the natural color of the wood or paint the products in any desired shade and brand them as you need.

Ceramic tap handles are easy-to-use, comfortable, and durable. However, the choice of shades is not as extensive as with wooden designs (marble, white and black). 

The brand logo can be placed on square or round plates.

  • Size

The standard size of the beer tap handle varies from 9 to 13 inches high and no more than 3 inches wide/deep.

On request, you can order short handles, which are 4-6 inches high and 3 inches wide.

The width of such products does not exceed 3 inches: as the practice shows, this size is most convenient to work with.

When choosing the right product, be sure to consider the main emphasis of your design and how it will affect the size. Avoid making your tap handles too top-heavy.

  • Shape

You can order products of both standard and unique shapes that will emphasize the philosophy of your brand. For example, a beer tap handle in the shape of an arrow, a microphone, a paddle, a fish, or more standard options (oval, rectangular with a round tip, drop-shaped, etc.).

  • Font and logo

No matter what type of beer tap handles you choose, the logo and the name of the product should be visible even from far away. Make sure that the font is clear, and the logo is recognizable. 

Thus the customers will see at once what kind of beverage each beer tap handle offers. 

Use bright contrasting color combinations: they catch the eye immediately and make everyone more likely to give it a try.

Where to Order Logo Branded Beer Tap Handles?

Choosing a good manufacturer of logo branded beer tap handle is not the easiest thing in the world.

However, we know how to narrow down the search and find a worthy manufacturer: 

  1. Extensive experience in the field, so you can be sure that all your wishes can be realized.
  2. High customer satisfaction rate, to know it just read reviews on the manufacturer’s website.
  3. Wide range of standard beer tap handles and the possibility to order unique logo branded beer tap handles, which will be a real highlight of the bar.
  4. Good selection of high quality, durable and convenient materials.
  5. Affordable prices make your shopping even more enjoyable.

Don’t spend much time searching for such a manufacturer, we recommend visiting the site of the popular Canadian company Xpress Tap Handles.

The company has been known on the market for several years and already has become popular among bar owners, for which it is important to complement the design of their establishment with high-quality and eye-catching beer tap handles.

You can choose from a wide range of standard products and custom-made ones. 

With Xpress Tap Handles, you will make your bar even more stylish, functional and popular among lovers of good beer!