How to make DVD to 1080P video in the best and efficient way

As a deep enthusiast of movie and TV series, there are several instances in which I would like to rip my DVD collections to 1080p videos to have a better use or watching experience. To mention but a few, in some situations I need to share some of the movie clips I made to my students as an assignment to practice listening skills. Or, I just want to have a great and convenient watching experience through the projector on the wall of the bedroom, or other high-definition equipment such as TVs, smart phones, etc. Actually, not just me, you can see here are more and more users seeking for higher resolution and quality of video when playback DVD on HD devices. No surprising to notice more and more new HD devices come out to the market.

However, you may face with one issue that the DVD rip to a smaller size will be not so clear than before. In this case, you are about to seek help from a professional tool to rip DVD in a smaller size and keep original quality. Once google this issue, here are hundreds of results for you. But which one is the best? Don’t worry. Follow this article to get the best and efficient way to make DVD to 1080p video.


Reasons to make DVD to 1080p

No matter how the times change, people are always pursuing a better experience in life.  Talking about video resolution, watching a video in 1080p can provide you a wonderful watching experience which every image is clear with no spots. If you already have HD devices like HD TV at home, no wonder you desire to rip DVD to 1080p video to playback on a big screen.

But one thing we also have to admit that not everyone owns HD devices or modern TVs. There are still a big amount people using older devices with small screen. If you own a big collections of DVD disc and want to play on your older devices, it is a wise choice to rip DVD to 1080p video files in a digital format like MP4, MKV, AVI, MOV, etc. Then play the 1080p videos via USB or other media player can connected with TV to play on TV.


Best DVD to 1080p video file tool satisfy all your needs

To make DVD to 1080p video file, a professional and powerful DVD to 1080p converter is needed to assist you. WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro is not only able to rip DVD to 1080p video file, but also you are allowed to convert DVD disc, DVD folder and ISO Image to more than 500 digital formats and handy devices for a convenient and better playback. You may worry about the DVD with copyright protections like region code or Disney X-project can’t be ripped to digital formats. The good thing is this DVD ripper can automatically remove the protection technologies to backup.


Tutorials on how to make DVD to 1080p video via WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro

With is powerful DVD ripper and converter, the whole process of DVD to 1080p video can be completed with a three-steps instruction. Now, follow this step-by-step guide to make your own 1080p video from DVD Disc.

Step 1: Get into the official page to free download and install this DVD converter to your PC. Insert the DVD disc to DVD driver and make the DVD to 1080p video converter run.  Once opened, click “DVD Disc” on the easy and concise UI to load the disc into the converter. As you can see, you can also load “DVD Folder” and “ISO Image” as input resource. Only a few seconds later, the converter will automatically remove the region code and other DVD protection technologies.

Step 2: To open output format list by clicking the output format on the right side of the window. Select one HD format under “HD/4K” tab to convert DVD to 1080p video. For example, I choose “HD (MP4)” as output format.

Tip: You can directly go to “Settings” to change resolution. For advanced video expert, there are more details you can adjust as you wish including bit rate, frame rate, volume, channel.

Step 3: Don’t forget to select one path folder to save the converted video file. And last to hit “Run” button to make DVD to 1080p process start.

More fantastic features

  1. 500+ digital formats and portable devices to convert.
  2. Rip DVD Disc, DVD Folder and ISO Image with 1:1 quality.
  3. Real No.1 fast DVD ripper supported by GPU acceleration.
  4. Batch video file conversion up to 10 tasks at once.
  5. Customized settings such as bit rate, resolution, volume, etc.
  6. Built-in video editor to crop, trim, merge video as you like.
  7. Add or remove subtitles at will.


In the end

That’s it. It’s all about how to convert DVD to 1080p video file in the easiest and fastest way with WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro. After conversion task is completed, you can enjoy it freely. What’s more, for a better watching experience, it will be a good try to stream it from your device to TV with big screen. Alright, having known the best method, why not give it a shot to let your old DVD disc shining again on the big screen? Or if you have other good suggestions, leave your comments below to let us know.