How to make DIY body scrubs

Everyone must know the skincare basics to improve their skin condition. This skincare requires moisturizer to replenish skin, fortify the skin with suitable serums, dig out dead skin cells with scrubs and finally apply sunscreens on your face to secure it from skin tanning and sun damage. However, you must care for your body skin the way you care for your facial skin. Caring for your body doesn’t mean just using body wash and moisturizer. This isn’t sufficient to care for your body. If you want to care for your body deeply, then pay more attention and care with gentle and suitable body scrubs. 

Why must body scrubs be included in the daily skincare routine? 

If you want to rejuvenate your skin, you first need to do thorough exfoliation that keeps your skin well. When you exfoliate your skin, all impurities, dead skin cells, and built-up dirt gets removed. If you don’t exfoliate, this dirt will build upon your skin surface and make your complexion rough and dull. With the effective use of body scrubs, the cellulite will reduce. We all want to have a relaxing experience possible through a body scrub having an incredible smell similar to a spa-like treatment. This Brown Sugar Scrub For body soothes your body and calms your mind and spirit. 

The best benefits of body scrubs depend on what ingredients are present. So instead of looking for a suitable scrub, make one for yourself at your own home with homemade ingredients.

Following are the body scrubs with essential oils 

  1. Lavender body scrub
  2. Rose body scrub 
  3. Vanilla body scrub
  4. Mint body scrub

Making body scrubs using essential oils

To make essential oil-enriched body scrubs add carrier oil, vitamin e, and other essential oil into a small container and then give a good stir. You can add mica powder, sugar in the second container, and other ingredients to give a good blend. The oils and sugar need to be combined in a big bowl, mixed properly, and transferred into a tight jar.

How to use the body scrub? 

Take a little amount of scrub and massage it gently over your body using fingertips and apply in a circular motion. Give a proper rise and use a moisturizer. This body scrub should be used once a week. 

Benefits of ingredients in a DIY body scrub

  1. Sugar acts as a great humectant, cleanser, and exfoliate. It helps to give a radiant look by digging out impurities and soothing rough patches.
  2. Cane sugar clears dead skin cells and gives a glowing complexion.
  3. Vitamin e acts as a moisturizer and antioxidant. It protects your skin from pollutants, UV rays and gets rid of dark spots. 
  4. Coconut oil helps to retain a soft texture in your skin by adding excellent nutrients to your skin and allowing you to exfoliate and soothe skin. 
  5. Lavender oil gives a fresh appearance and has high antioxidant properties. It helps to cleanse your skin and gives an enchanting smell to your body scrub. 
  6. Himalayan Salt Body Scrub Bergamot & Lychee is suitable for people having dry skin. It has rich vitamins and minerals that help your skin grow more resilience and vitality.

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