How to Make Custom Birthday Cards

How can I make a homemade birthday card? If you’re into DIY arts and crafts, you might have asked yourself this question a few times. Do you ever find yourself searching through dozens of birthday cards at the store, looking for the perfect one but coming up empty-handed? Well, search no more! With just a few simple steps, you can make your own custom and thoughtful birthday cards that are sure to put a smile on your loved ones’ faces. So gather your paper crafting supplies, and let’s get started!

Modern Birthday Faux Letterpress Debossing Folder

How to Make Custom Birthday Cards

Is there anything more special than receiving a handmade birthday card? Especially when it’s made specifically for you, with all your favorite things included? It’s the perfect way to show someone you care. This blog post will show you how to make custom birthday cards. You’ll be able to choose the ideal design, the perfect colors, and even the perfect sentiments. You are definitely going to love creating these one-of-a-kind cards!

Quick and Easy Birthday Card Ideas

  1. Do you have friends and family members who are chocolate lovers? This easy handmade birthday card is perfect for them! That faux chocolate bar will definitely excite the chocolate-lover in them! Here’s how to create this chocolate-themed birthday card:
  • First, emboss a piece of chocolate-colored cardstock using Mod Squares 3D Embossing Folder. 
  • Next, fold around the edges of the cardstock to create the size of the chocolate bar.
  • Use kitchen foil to wrap around the faux chocolate. Leave the top open and pull it down so the embossed piece can still be seen poking through.
  • For the sentiment, stamp ‘happy birthday’ from Note For You Stamp Set onto a piece of blue cardstock. Use embossing ink to stamp the sentiment, and then heat set it using white embossing powder before wrapping this around the bottom of the faux chocolate bar.
  • For the background, mask 1/2″ from all of the edges of a 4 1/4″ x 5 1/2″ panel of white cardstock. 
  • Then, ink blend into the open area of the panel using Warm Sunshine, Buttercream, Cotton Candy, and Coral Berry inks. 
  • Add water drops before removing the Satin Masking Tape for a little added interest.
Happy Birthday to You Stamp Set

2. Want to sing the happy birthday song to your loved one through your card? Here’s a quick and easy birthday card idea that you can try recreating with just a few unique stamp and die sets.

  • First, stamp the music score and verses from the Happy Birthday to You Stamp Set (in black ink) onto a piece of white card panel.
  • The key to stamping this clean and orderly design is to plan out the space. A stamp positioner like MISTI is undoubtedly helpful. 
  • Once the images are all stamped, add a piece of washi tape on the card base for a subtle background.
  • Next, die-cut the Treble Love Die Set in red and black cardstock and then piece the two together.
  • Finally, adhere the treble die-cut onto the middle of the card panel.
Cake Love Stamp & Die Bundle

3. A birthday isn’t complete without cake! When creating thoughtful birthday cards, it’s essential to think about the person receiving the card. What do they like? What is their favorite color? What would put a smile on their face? Here’s a super fun, yummy, and easy handmade birthday card idea for you to try:

  • First, stamp the assorted cake images from Cake Love Stamp Set onto masking paper and cut them out so you can build a scene like on the card above. 
  • This is optional. If you want a lovely topper for the tallest cake, choose one of the flower images from the Build-A-Flower: Poppy Stamp Set; stamp it first and mask it before stamping the cake images below it. 
  • Next, color all the images with Watercolor Brush Markers, laying down pure pigment in the most deeply shadowed places and smearing color onto the watercolor palette, and using a water-filled brush to pick up more color and extend the darker shades into the lighter. 
  • To achieve a cohesive whole, choose a predominant color scheme of pink and blue with a little yellow and green to balance.
  • Once painted and dry, use a straight edge and Xacto knife to trim the straight lines along the bottom, hand-cut the remaining edges, then lay the stamped portion on top of a piece of coordinating patterned paper along the bottom. 
  • Finally, use the same Obsidian Pigment Ink to stamp a sentiment from the Cake Love Stamp Set onto the card base.
Mini Delight: Birthday Love Stamp & Die Set

Tips on How to Make an Easy Happy Birthday Card

  1. Make a list of how you want your custom birthday cards to look. Sometimes the most challenging part of creating a card is figuring out how to make custom birthday cards. There are so many beautiful card ideas and designs out there! But how do you know which one is the best for you? An easy way to pick out your perfect birthday card is to put it into these three categories: thoughtful birthday cards, cute birthday cards, or funny birthday card ideas.

Do you want to know how do you make a funny birthday card? Try including an inside joke between friends! This will show how close you are to each other. Adding a pun on their name, interests, or personality is another excellent way to make a funny birthday card for friends.

Celebrate With Cake Die Set

A cute birthday card would be colorful, vibrant, and full of anything cute! You can add doodles, pretty florals, animals, or adorable everyday things like coffee cups, crayon boxes, painting supplies, notebooks, etc. 
If you are looking for ideas for thoughtful birthday cards, these stamp sets have specially curated designs and messages for you.

Rose Bouquet 3D Embossing Folder

2. Draw or create a layout of the design. Now that you know how to make an easy happy birthday card, it’s time for the fun part! You can draw or create the layout for your card’s design! This can be as simple or as intricate as you want it to be, but be sure to keep in mind how you want the final product to look.

If you’re feeling incredibly crafty, you can even try making your own birthday card designs from scratch! But for those who are a little less artistically inclined, there are plenty of free online templates that can help get you started.

Layered Cupcake Stamp & Die Bundle

3. Add embellishments and decorations! The sky’s the limit when it comes to embellishments and decorations for your custom birthday cards! You can use anything from stickers and stamps to glitter and ribbon.

4. Be sure to have fun with it and let your creative juices flow! Don’t stress too much about how do you make a funny birthday card or how to make it look professional! Remember, it’s the thought that counts!

We hope this blog on how to make custom birthday cards should have given you some ideas for how to customize your own greeting card. The three quick and easy birthday card ideas and tips we’ve shared will help you create fun and unique birthday cards in no time! If you need more birthday card ideas (or any card making idea), check out our All About Crafting page!