How To Make Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans?

If you frequent coffee shops like Starbucks frequently, there’s a high chance you’ve seen chocolate covered coffee beans for sale. But what are they precisely? Do they have any health advantages, are they safe to consume, and can you create them at home?

This article will investigate this popular snack in great detail to give you all the details you need to determine if you’d want to try them. Let’s have a closer look at it.

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What Is A Chocolate Covered Coffee Bean?

Even though you can also consume entire coffee beans, it is the best method to produce excellent, fresh-brewed coffee. You can enhance coffee beans’ flavor by coating them in molten chocolate and then being allowed to harden.

There are several reasons why coffee and chocolate go well together. The sweetness of the chocolate, first of all, does a beautiful job of balancing off the bean’s harshness. Furthermore, the coffee beans have a pleasant crunch when you bite through the softer-textured outer part of the chocolate, making it a great snack or after-dinner dessert.

You may use chocolate covered coffee beans as a solo snack or a delicious garnish for cakes. Meanwhile, using the organic caffeine in the beans might be a great alternative to consuming coffee to receive a caffeine boost.

Steps To Make Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans 

  • Ingredients
  1. Espresso Coffee Beans 

Espresso is made from regular coffee beans that have undergone additional processing or roasting to give them a particular flavor. There is no difference between pure arabica coffee beans and blends of arabica and robusta coffee beans. Even while espresso beans are frequently darkly roasted, it’s only sometimes the case. Conversely, lighter-roasted beans are chewier and more brittle. Due to their chewier texture and mildly unpleasant flavor, this recipe should not use lighter roasted beans.

  1. A chocolate bar or some chocolate chips

The recipe works with any type of chocolate. So, any kind of chocolate—milk, dark, or even white—can be used. Meanwhile, you can use chocolate chips or a chocolate bar since it will melt the chocolate. Additionally, there is no predetermined quantity because you may cover the beans as frequently as you desire.


  • A Bowl
  • Saucepan
  • Wooden Spoon 
  • A Wax Paper and a Fork 

How to cook?

  1. First, melt the chocolate.

Water is poured into the pan and placed in a basin to cool. The metal dish set over the heated water should now contain broken-up pieces of chocolate. The chocolate will start to melt. Stir while it cooks until the chocolate is creamy.

Alternately, you might melt the chocolate in the oven by stirring it while heating it for short intervals, say, 30 seconds.

  1. Second, include espresso beans in the chocolate

The espresso beans are added to the chocolate mixture and stirred until they are covered in chocolate after the chocolate has melted. Make sure that none of the beans are grouped, then let the chocolate cool so that it thickens on the beans.

  1. Third, Sort the chocolate-covered beans 

Use a fork to scoop the beans, then spread them out on a dish covered with wax paper. The extra chocolate should flow out once you’ve removed each bean.

This process will take a while, and the chocolate can get too firm. If this occurs, put it back on the flame for a short period to loosen it before continuing.

  1. Four, Insert the tray into the freezer

Until the chocolate hardens, freeze the tray. It ought to take approximately an hour. The beans are now ready to be consumed with more chocolate or plain.

  1. Fifth, Decorate the beans 

Feel free to add a topping, such as cocoa, icing sugar, spice, or chili powder, over the still-soft chocolate. Last, The beans can be consumed immediately or saved in an airtight jar for later use.

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