How to make Celebrations Memorable Working from Home

People across the world are slowly and steadily getting acquainted with work from home culture, which is the new normal. We all are learning to use video conferencing to work, connect and brainstorm together. Celebrating your colleagues’ birthday or work anniversary is one of those events that is the simplest yet plays a significant role in boosting morale. Recognition helps employees feel valued and appreciated.

Even being apart, you and your team members can plan something to celebrate your colleague’s milestone. Read on if you’re looking for ideas for a simple birthday celebration at home.

Send a gift card

Everyone loves online gift cards. You colleague can find a good use for a gift card. You can also try sending gift cards according to the taste and preference of the recipient. If your colleague is into shopping, you can send him gift cards of his favourite apparel and footwear brand. If he is a coffee lover. Send him gift cards from his favourite coffee brand. Gift cards are the simple yet effective choices that are well received by almost everyone.

Make it special with a cake delivery

What’s a celebration without a cake? Take the celebrations to a whole new level with a surprise online cake delivery. With the availability of different cake flavours, designs and types, it would be easy to choose the best one that matches the recipient’s taste. Don’t forget to pick the flavour that your colleague likes the most to share the love and madness virtually.

Plan a virtual party

You may not be physically together that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate together. Everyone loves a party- be it virtual or in real. Get everyone on a video call, sing the happy birthday song and celebrate your teammate. Put on some great music. Share stories. Let everyone share warm wishes and greetings. You can make a birthday celebration video for your colleague too and send him/her,You can also play fun games online. The virtual birthday or anniversary celebration will be one to remember.

Make a customized Video

If somehow you’re not able to get everyone in the team together at the same time, you can still ask everyone to film a video message for the celebrating person. Later, you can combine short videos into a big one, edit with soothing background music and send it to your colleague. They’ll absolutely love the gesture that would make them feel recognised and valued.

Order Gifts Online

Be it a job promotion, birthday or work anniversary, the traditional gifting ceremony makes them even more special. Either the team members can buy gifts separately, or they can split the cost. Flowers, chocolate hampers, gourmet food baskets, personalised gifts, and tech gifts are the most preferred gift choices. You can order gifts online and deliver to your colleague’s doorstep with a ‘Happy Birthday’ tag. They would truly appreciate the gesture and cherish gifts with a smile on their face.

Delight with digital gifts

Everyone wants to be recognised and respected. Be it a big milestone or a small win, honouring the effort of your teammate will mean the world. Say a few words of gratitude or appreciation and recognise their effort with digital gifts. It really will make a difference. Book a guitarist on-call or order online a digital caricature, celebrity video message, an e-greeting card or an eBook. The touch of personalisation makesdigital gifts quite special. The smart digital gifts will show your colleague that you’ve put a lot of thought in it.

Planning celebrations with your remote team is a lot of fun. We hope these ways help you to keep your team engaged and motivated, not just on special occasions but on a daily basis.

Ellen Hollington

Ellen Hollington is a freelance writer who offers to ghostwrite, copywriting, and blogging services. She works closely with B2C and B2B businesses providing digital marketing content that gains social media attention and increases their search engine visibility.