How to Make an Impressionable Presentation Using an LED Video Wall?

Presenters need to consider many different things when it comes to making an impression, gauged on overall presentation quality, effective delivery and stunning visuals. On top of all, there are many different technical details such as presentation delivery medium, pixels, audio (if embedded), lighting and much more. Multimedia options today are limitless and for corporate presentations, video walls are highly preferred.

You can conveniently buy a huge LED screen or a 16:9 DLP projector however, both of these are expensive. A much affordable option and perhaps the best alternative is investing in video walls that have all the same features and deliver excellent performance. In the typical corporate world, video wall display units are taking presentations to a whole new level. Let’s have a look at all the amazing benefits and features.

Highly Interactive

We’ve heard people saying that corporate presentations tend to be boring whereas the only motivation radiates from the presenter. It doesn’t have to be this way anymore as video walls are highly interactive allowing participants to communicate in real-time, use touchscreen functionality to adjust the display for themselves and even connect with attendees.

High-End Visuals & User Experience

In the past, overhead projectors were used to beam large display images which required focusing of the lens, merging of the image edges whereas sometimes, the same process requires two different projectors. The coming of LED/LCD screens as video wall units offer amazing picture quality, brightness, sharpness and almost everything that makes for an amazing viewer’s experience. Imagine walking in a store and a large overhead screen displaying a magical landscape.

The same can be experienced when you’re giving a corporate presentation using video wall display units, but overall outcome doesn’t depend solely on the screen technology but a combination of creative visuals and strategy matters most.

Pixel-Perfect Resolution

It’s obvious that for every perfect visual element, there has to be above the average perfect pixel resolution. This is one reason larger-than-life video walls capable of displaying even the smallest details with extreme precision and contrast are sure to win you prospects. That said, resolution takes into account the sum of total number, size and density of pixels that would form a crystal clear and transparent display for presentation. With professional video walls, your presentation is sure to give the best high-definition picture for everyone to wow at.

Faster & Powerful Processing

Image and video processing power of advanced video walls gives the technology an edge over traditional overhead projectors and various presentation mediums. The built-in processing technology in the screen is capable of managing the splitting, spanning and adjustment of images as well as videos for any display size. Make sure the design and content for the presentation is perfectly aligned so as to properly transmit the content from the source player to the video wall display unit.

Custom Hardware Options

Digital signage suppliers in Dubai provide high-end video walls that are capable of splitting many different screens into frames and displaying them altogether. One of the finest examples is that of CCTV monitor screens which shows you different areas of a particular place on a single display unit. That said, video wall displays also come in different shapes and sizes to fit your needs. Other than flexibility in design that perfectly matches the architectural features, video wall hardware also offers longer runtime which makes it a perfect choice for corporate presentations.

Presentations; The Way You Want

Whether the presentation is to promote a product, deliver corporate statistics to key employees and employers or any other purpose, the video walls are able to display the content the way you want. Then there’re live presentations that you can participate in real-time using interactive video walls installed strategically at different places, even sharing information using embedded social media handles and much more.

Boost Customer Engagement

When presenting in front of customers, an interactive video wall is sure to bring in an optimistic change for your company. For sure, customers are likely to buy when your product presentation delivers a more personalised experience. Content that can be a combination of both audio visuals is sure to make an impression and engage your customers, either in a good or bad way, depending on the way it’s being displayed and prepared.

Types of Video Walls


Consumer electronic leaders and icons have already released panel-based video walls that are flat screen panels with thinner bezels as compared to the usual TV display. Panel based video walls are a cost-effective option however, in certain cases, they don’t support 24/7 functionality with colour calibration issues that can ruin even the best presentation.


These video walls carry a small projector mounted at the display panel’s rear with both projector and panel integrated together for amazing result and high-quality output. That said, boundaries between different panels are less than 1mm which is why these are also known as zero bezel whereas additional features give a smoother more exciting experience.


Less famous, more cost-effective and gives output that’s equal to the cube-based screens. Projection-based displays have multiple projectors installed that beam the output on a bigger screen, powered by advanced edge-blending and geometric correction technology. Use of curve screen, colour calibration and other such further enhances the output.

From conferences and display presentations to boardroom ready, video walls are amazing to deliver a unique experience. The details above are sure to make things clear.

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