How to make a video in Whiteboard Animation

Explaining a concept can be difficult using only words, then we even have the provocation: “do you understand or want me to draw?” The popular saying, although severe, explains well the value of a good part of the videos made in Motion Graphics. In other words, in terms of communication, the public’s response is almost always: “yes, I want you to draw”.

When making a video in Whiteboard Animation or “animated video”, this principle is carried out in a practically literal way, and the format has been the preference of several brands of all sizes, precisely because of its great effectiveness in explaining concepts, ideas and products, plus many other advantages.

So, if you are thinking of using this style for your business and would like to understand the production process, stay tuned to the 7 steps to make a video in Whiteboard Animation software in a simple and effective way.

So come on!

A curiosity: How did the “Whiteboard Animation” style appear?

One of the first videos made with a white screen to go viral was the famous “Story of Stuff”, from 2007, the first in an incredible educational series about problems of our era, dealing with topics such as the environment, activism, and consumerism, among others.

But the style took shape and became popular even in 2010, in the fever of videos called draw my life, which is when a person tells his life while making synchronized drawings on a sheet of paper or white board. If you write “Video in Draw my life” on YouTube, you will find many, many videos like this, of ordinary people and also of celebrities.

Like all good news in the digital world, style has gradually been incorporated into company strategies, with examples for internal or external audiences, and today corresponds to a very popular format within the many trends of Motion Graphics.

Now that you know how “Whiteboard Animation” came up, check out the 7 steps below to have good results in videos in this style.

Start with the objectives of the video in Whiteboard Animation

Having clear objectives, even before starting the project, is essential for it to achieve excellent results. To build a good strategy and put it into practice, ask some questions, such as:

  1. Who will watch the video?

Defining the audience for your video is essential to decide what, when and how it will be spoken.

  1. What message do I intend to send?

Only with a well-defined message is it possible to proceed with the video production process in Whiteboard Animation.

  1. At what point of purchase is the customer at?

The way of speaking and the information passed differ in each point of the sales funnel that the public is in.

  1. What effect or immediate action would you like to have with the video?

Depending on the desired effect or action, Call To Action (or “Call to Action”) must be adjusted, including making more than one version for the video.

It is important to understand that you, as a manager or digital marketer, should seek to contribute to your business vision and general communication objectives. Thus, the partner video producer will be able to direct the video project effectively (check the next steps to better understand this aspect).

Find a Video Producer specializing in marketing and results

For the final result of the project to be satisfactory and the objectives achieved, it is necessary to count on the support of a video production company that has experience in marketing, sales and results-oriented, in addition to an excellent technical quality.

In other words, the golden rule is to run away from the producers that are mere “video makers”, some that do not even take care of the script ( the most important part of the project ), and that will not be able to make the directions for the business objectives.

So, to choose a video producer that will solve your demand, some questions must be observed:

Does the producer have a portfolio?

Check if the works already done by the producer prove the technical quality necessary to carry out a video project in Whiteboard Animation.

Is the production company specialized in marketing and sales?

Only a production company specialized in marketing and sales will be able to guarantee that it will have the necessary results.

Does the producer have a reasonable size for the mission?

There is no point in saying that the producer is going to do it, but, even with all goodwill, not delivering it on time. Especially if what you want to sell is something innovative, timing can make all the difference.

Is the production service professional?

It is important that the video production company has a professional service from the beginning, because in the initial phases (even before hiring) important decisions are made.

Video script in Whiteboard Animation

If the previous steps were well done and you already have: a) clear objectives and b) a good partner for the production of your video, from now on you will only need to approve the materials that are sent to you.

As we always like to stress, the script tends to be the most important part of the whole process. To understand this point, think of it this way: an excellent script saves a simpler design, while an advanced design does not save a bad script.

But what is a video script? This is a document organized in two columns, on the one hand there is the part of the speech, on the other it describes everything that will appear on the screen at all times. So, reading the script carefully you will have a good idea of ​​how the video will look.

Storyboard with drawings on white board

With the script approved, the video production company will start the illustrations themselves.

Thus, the storyboard corresponds to the script, with the addition of the illustrations that will appear at each moment. In other words, the storyboard is already very similar to the video, but still without movement.

Whiteboard Animation video approval

As each production phase overlaps with the previous one, if the script and storyboard were carefully approved, you will certainly not be surprised when you receive the finished video.

So, you just have to make a final conference and approve it.

Video distribution

With all these steps completed, it is time to show the video to the world. For this, it is important to be aware of the many ways to disseminate videos on the web and outside.

On some platforms, it is possible to make paid advertisements to quickly leverage the reach of videos and thus achieve great results in the short term. We made complete posts about the main ones, which you can check here: Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

Also, stay tuned to the concepts of Video SEO, to optimize videos and pages with videos for organic searches, which can open powerful channels of entry and that escalate over time.

Finally, it is always worth keeping an eye on the Battle for Internet Videos, to take advantage of each differential to the benefit of your business.

Measurement of results

What is a result if you don’t measure, isn’t it? This is the time to analyze whether the video managed to achieve all the goals idealized at the beginning of the process. For this, the web platforms offer excellent ways to measure metrics and you can track the most relevant to your business.

In the case of internal videos, the results are even wider and more diverse. The tip here is still the same: always keep in mind the initial objectives of the video and look for objective ways to measure them.

These are the 7 steps to making a successful Whiteboard Animation video. Have any questions? Contact us!

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