How To Make a Stunning Online Catalog

By: Sarah Rodi

Creating a stunning and impressive online catalog from a PDF can feel overwhelming. Finding an online flipbook solution for your content is daunting. There are many solutions available and you want to choose the best one. Sometimes, the simple act of uploading a PDF online can come with a myriad of questions or issues. But the result is satisfying. You are taking a static PDF catalog and converting it to an online catalog that will be optimized for all devices and interactive. 

Some issues with just a standard PDF are: it is not available across all devices (smartphones, tablets, and computers); there is not a way to track data and analytics; adding interactive elements is difficult to do, and it can be frustrating for your users to download the PDF. This is where converting your PDF into an interactive online catalog provides numerous benefits. If you are curious about converting your PDF to create a stunning online catalog, this article will go over some tips on how to do that.

Gather your content 

First, you will want to gather your information together, along with images. Next, you will want to design and layout your PDF file. Keep in mind that it is best to follow basic graphic design principles of contrast, balance, emphasis, movement, white space, and proportion. Following these principles of design will help you to craft an aesthetically pleasing PDF catalog. 

Make sure to use high-quality images to further enhance your catalog layout. Choose clear and uncluttered images to draw in your audience and help them understand the products in your catalog. Follow current image and design trends to a point – you want to create a timeless aesthetic. Make good use of space within the pages to create depth and not overwhelm the eye of your reader.

Prepare your online catalog

Once you have designed your PDF, upload the publication to the digital publishing platform and finish creating your online catalog. Start by making the flipbook interactive. Add links, gif images, pop-ups, a table of contents tab, and more. The right digital publishing software will have all the tools you need to create a stunning flipbook. 

Make sure to add interactive elements such as rich media. Add video and audio clips, image pop-ups, and links to external videos. All of these interactions will encourage engagement and give your viewers a way to feel that they are giving and taking equally from the catalog. 

Share your catalog

Now that you have a beautifully designed catalog, full of interactive elements, share the catalog with your readers. You can share the link in your marketing emails, embed the link in your website, or share the online catalog via social media. Any way that you choose to share the catalog will increase brand engagement, reach, sales, and revenue.  

Creating a stunning online catalog from a PDF is easy to do with the right publishing solution and a little practice. Remember to keep it simple and timeless and make good use of interactivity to help tell your story and boost engagement. 

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