How to Make a Striking First Impression with Your IR Site

It doesn’t take long to form a first impression. In-person, someone will start forming an opinion about a stranger in one-tenth of a second. But when it comes to your IR site, these impressions happen even faster online. 

People need only 50 milliseconds to get a feel for your site. In other words, you have 0.05 seconds to make a good impression with investors. 

With this kind of time limit, visitors aren’t making their first impressions based on your performance on the market — reviewing your financials comes later. Instead, they’re making a snap judgement regarding the look and flow of your website design. 

If you want to attract visitors and showcase your brand at first glance, you need to create a visually beautiful IR website.

Beautiful Web Design is Simple

Good design marries functionality with creativity. It’s clean, visually pleasing, and easy to navigate. More to the point, it’s easy to scroll through and read. 

Although it’s impossible for visitors to read anything in 50 milliseconds, they will recognize simple and intuitive design when they see it. 

Outdated sites, busy design, and huge blocks of text raise red flags, even in just 50 milliseconds. These bad design mistakes can make it harder for people to stick with your page long enough to find your value proposition. 

Your Site Has to Fulfill a Purpose

While a first impression forms in a blink of an eye, most visitors will give your website another 10–20 seconds to find the reason why they clicked on your IR site in the first place — whether it’s a question about your financials or interest in your ESG initiatives.

That’s according to research conducted by the Nielsen Norman Group, which shows the average person will leave a page in under 20 seconds if they don’t find what they want. 

If you don’t answer their question or communicate another value proposition under this time constraint, there’s a good chance a potential investor will leave your page to find answers elsewhere. 

This is where functionality buoys creative, clean design. 

On the technical front, your site should rely on strong site architecture that directs visitors towards key information. It should comply with all accessibility standards, including the WCAG and ADA. And lastly, it absolutely needs to be responsive and mobile friendly to provide answers in 20 seconds or less. 

Don’t Forget about Substance

Although design is important, it doesn’t replace the need for essential data on your IR site. Once you pass the first impressions test, you have to back up your design with substance. 

An IR consultant can help you curate your brand and share your corporate story in a way that resonates with the market. They’ll share best practices for disclosing key financials so that your IR site meets all regulatory compliance and security principles.

And if you choose your IR consultant carefully, they’ll also build a site that delivers critical analytics straight to your team. You’ll be able to leverage insights about your traffic and webcast attendees to understand the impact your site is making online.

Bottom Line

The initial impression your website makes on visitors can have a lasting impact on the way investors engage with your brand. Make sure you make a positive impression by putting user experience first. Talk to an IR specialist to find out how you can build a beautiful and functional site that attracts the right kind of attention at first look.