How to Make a Statement with your Wallet

Whether it is a belt, watch, or wallet, men’s accessories serve more than a practical purpose.  Men’s wallets especially help to make a fashion statement like nothing else. The colour, design, style (and contents) of a wallet say a lot about you as a person, much more than you are consciously aware of. Here’s how you can select wallets for men and make a killer first impression.

Simplicity & Elegance

If you are a person who favours simplicity and good things in life, a classic wallet is what you need. Classic wallets usually come in brown or black, with a smooth leather finishing. These wallets are still in fashion and appeal to both traditional-minded and minimalist individuals. 

The benefit of classic wallets is that they go well with almost all kinds of wardrobe, especially if you are dressed formally. And they even go with sports outfits and jeans. Even when the wallet is old, it still gives a ‘dignified appearance’. So if you have to pick just one option, a classic wallet is your safest bet.


If you are into the ‘less is more’ mindset, or you actively avoid clutter and wastage, then you can go for a cardholder. While digital modes of payment are in vogue, most people still feel comfortable carrying their credit cards. And since the cardholder only stores your plastic money (or loyalty cards), it keeps things streamlined. And cardholders help to avoid the pocket bulge that ruins both the finishing of your wallet as well as the line of your trousers. 

Organised & Professional

While cardholders are efficient, wallets for men allow you to be more organised. You can keep your credit cards, licence, ID, etc., all in one place so that you don’t have to do a body scan to search for something.  

In a similar vein, a wallet also helps you come off as professional. And purchasing the right

brand will help you make the right impression with employers and clients, much better than a briefcase.  

Humour & Individualism

Moving on, you can also go for colourful wallets to convey individuality. Colourful men’s wallets help you grab attention, but also give off a bit of humour. On a side note, a colourful wallet also conveys that you don’t take yourself too seriously! 

And while there’s no hard and fast rule here, go for one colour instead of two for your wallet. And ideally, get a colour that goes with most of what you have in your wardrobe. 

Wallets to Avoid

There are few types of wallets that you should avoid purchasing:

  • Canvas wallets
  • Denim wallets
  • Patterned wallets

Basically, any wallets made of corduroy or ones that have chequered, geometric, or lumberjack prints should be avoided. These wallets are best suited for the younger demographic, i.e. teenagers who are looking for their first wallet. 

But when it comes to men’s wallets, you can select between one or more of the options mentioned above. Good luck!